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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is employed by Organisations for many reasons, but it delivers the most value when it is used for equipment maintenance. It can rationalize the care and service of equipment and in the process save both time and money. Here’s an in-depth look at remote monitoring and how it can take maintenance programs to the next level.

Informed decision-making pays dividends

Remote monitoring using IoT uses a web-based technology like a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and an onboard communication device on each machine. The GPS receiver identifies the machine location, while the communication device collects the information sent to it by sensors on the machine. The data is then transmitted through the modem to designated users via a Web portal.
With remote monitoring, users can track real-time data of machines located virtually anywhere in the field and use the information to improve their business in numerous ways.

The technology can be used to

  • Ensure efficient equipment utilization
  • Enhance equipment security
  • Improve job planning and estimating
  • Reduce machine idle time

When it comes to maintenance, it offers the ability to create a clear and concise program for organizing equipment maintenance data and using it to make informed decisions that can pay immediate and long-term dividends.


Automation can streamline maintenance and record keeping activities, aiding information gathering and thus making decision-making easier and faster. Automation tools can be used to schedule maintenance alerts, which significantly reduces the effort and time involved in a traditional data collection process and associated cumbersome paperwork that is used to trigger preventive or corrective maintenance.

Business owners and fleet managers no longer need to make job site visits and phone calls to obtain basic data such as engine hours, fluid levels or operating temperatures. In addition, the information gathered is more accurate based on a steady flow of real-time data and the elimination of handwritten notes and associated paperwork.

Remote monitoring gives ability to track the health of the equipment and detect problems associated with temperatures, pressures, Vibration before they blossom into unnecessary expenditures and downtime.

As an example, data could reveal that a machine needs an oil change sooner than recommended by the manufacturer based on the type of work the machine is involved in. Conversely, a machine might not need to be serviced as frequently as another machine based on the work it does.
Further, automated alerts can reduce the reliance on equipment operators to intervene and alert the maintenance team about items that need attention.

For instance, the owner of a machine on a demanding project in a hot climate might set up the program to keep tabs on the machine’s operating temperatures. If the temperatures climb outside acceptable limits, the program can alert the maintenance team, or the dealer who services the equipment.

Connecting device gives IOT ability to mine a rich history of information to improve maintenance practices. Some systems can gather information from as far back as 18 months, or even longer if it’s regularly downloaded and stored. With historical data, users can spot trends that point to potential problems.

Fuel usage Monitoring is a good example, if the data reveals a spike in fuel consumption for a given machine it could be symptomatic of an issue that demands further investigation.

Investing in the business

Having a keen understanding of operation characteristics of machines and operators over time allows users to flag issues that appear out of the ordinary, and in the process, minimize potential maintenance headaches before they strike.
The ability of IoT to deliver tangible efficiencies and costs savings when deployed for Remote monitoring is well proven and provides an excellent return on investment. But like any investment, the decision whether to adopt Remote Monitoring using IOT demands a hard look at the technology from every angle to ensure it benefits the business.

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