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The world has witnessed a tremendous change in digital adoption by the Healthcare sector. Even though digitalization in the Healthcare sector has been a continual process since a very long time, Covid-19 has completely changed the rate of this adoption. The advancements in software for the healthcare industry can help in saving the lives of millions by simplifying complex procedures as realized during this pandemic. The objective of these newer technologies is targeted towards a more refined and accurate diagnosis.

In our earlier blog, we talked about the complexities in healthcare software development. Through this blog, we will talk about the importance of custom software development in the Healthcare sector.

The healthcare industry is huge, with the value of the global healthcare market at a staggering $7.724 trillion, according to the Deloitte Global Health Care Outlook report. In the five-year period between 2014 and 2019 alone, the industry experienced growth at a CAGR of 3.1 percent. The industry encompasses hospitals, clinics, and other companies that: (i) provide clinical services, (ii) offer healthcare-related support services such as medical coverage, or (iii) develop medical equipment and drugs.

The healthcare industry consists of a range of sub-industries, with each sub-industry focusing on a specific area. The three major healthcare sub-industries are:

  • Life sciences, which include med-tech, manufacturers, pharmaceutical industry.
  • Healthcare financial services, such as medical insurance carriers.
  • Healthcare providers, including hospitals, medical research facilities, physicians

Some key examples of how custom software development has transformed the healthcare sector is as below:

  • One of the most important tools that have changed the healthcare sector is the Hospital Management Systems (HMS), also known as, Hospital Information Systems (HIS). HMS are comprehensive integrated software solutions that can handle different aspects of hospitals and clinic’s workflows.
  • An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is another such system that collects all of a patient’s data and history where data is electronically stored in a digital format. These records can then be shared across different healthcare systems.
  • Other important applications are healthcare mobile application and wearable devices. There are many types of healthcare mobile apps serving several health aspects such as fitness, women’s health, personal health recording, drug management and doctors’ consultation apps as well.

Below are few key benefits that custom software development offers to the Healthcare Sector:

·        Advanced Diagnosis:

The software development and technology have the power to revamp the healthcare industry to provide efficient operations management and, at the same time, advanced diagnosis.

·        High-Quality Patient Care:

The long queues in hospitals delay the consultation process. It is one of the major pain areas where patients suffer the worst. With the inception of AI-driven software, this problem can be solved to a large extent. Practo, 10to8 Scheduling Software, Intelligent Medical Software, Veribook, Cogsworth, are some of the top consultation software.

·        An Integrated and Multiplatform System:

The custom healthcare software integrates the multiple workflows that the healthcare industry operates on a daily basis. Custom-made software can synchronize multiple simple and complex processes including human resources, finance, OPD, inventory, etc. at one place.

·        Data Security & Privacy:

Nowadays every cloud, email service provider, search engine, chatbot, website along with applications are getting HIPAA compliant to offer optimum data security. The Healthcare sector generates a large chunk of data every day and they are extremely customer sensitive. In such instances, data security becomes of paramount importance. Hybrid applications help to protect a patient’s data against any malicious attacks or data breaches. The patients feel secure while sharing their personal information in such a custom-made application as against the traditional methods still prevalent in some parts of the world.

·        One-size-doesn’t-fit-all:

Since, Off the shelf software have been crucial in the advancement of the healthcare industry, that has recently gone for a toss, given the changes in requirements of different players in the industry. Healthcare organizations differ in terms of their processes, patient care, operation areas, technologies, methodologies, and approaches. Off the shelf software can barely cater to these changing needs. Custom software can not only bridge these gaps but also boost digital automation in these organizations.

·        Growth & Scalability:

Electronic Medical/ Health Records (EMRs / EHRs) keep the data of numerous patients in a secure place hosted on a cloud. This helps in decreasing operating costs and eventually increases the ROI of any healthcare organization. Such custom software is well suited and easy to adapt for massive business growth. By selecting a vendor with expertise in delivering healthcare software development or a healthcare app development company like Pratiti, healthcare organizations can achieve long-time sustainability by getting a scalable solution built. This further enables hassle-free operation, smooth maintenance, and efficient work processes.

·        Improves your Healthcare Standard:

Custom software remodels the traditional healthcare setup by digitalization with advanced systems, automation, and cutting-edge technologies. Customization helps in revamping every minor process starting from patient appointment management to data storage.


Personalization is the need of the hour in the Healthcare Industry. Custom healthcare app development or custom healthcare software development can improve the existing systems and infrastructure of any healthcare organization by enhancing and enriching every patient touchpoint.

Pratiti Technologies has served as a reliable technology partner for several healthcare SMBs as well as Enterprises for the development of custom healthcare apps or custom healthcare software as per their requirements. We are currently working with one of the emerging European start-ups in building a global digital health management platform to bring healthcare stakeholders like Patients, Hospitals, Practitioners, Insurance providers, caretakers under a single umbrella. We are also assisting one of the US-based hospital chains in developing their cloud-based next-generation EHR and Chronic disease management (diabetes) platform.

Contact us today to build sophisticated custom software solutions for your unique requirements. Our specially designed tools are sure to enhance the standards of healthcare service and delivery at your institution.

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