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In our previous blog, we talked about the digital roadmap ahead in the new normal in manufacturing. We discussed a few common manufacturing challenges in process and discrete manufacturing as well as shed some light on the manufacturing analytics and workshop digital productivity solutions which included remote asset monitoring, OEE monitoring, customizable data visualization, predictive maintenance, advanced analytics, asset and line performance management to name a few.

In this blog, we want to discuss about MFGSuite – Pratiti’s Industrial IoT App framework devised specifically to meet the growing digitization needs from the process and discrete manufacturing sector for quick and efficient deployment of IoT Apps. MFGSuite is capable of connecting, analysing and visualising assets and processes via software and hardware IoT gateways. Our industrial IoT company is capable of building multiple apps and providing technical assistance by appropriate visualization techniques for making an informed decision. MFGSuite is a Scalable IoT Framework based on proven Open Source & Pratiti Proprietary technology components to quickly realize enterprise grade industry solutions.

Global manufacturers are heavily investing to interconnect equipment to upgrade the existing factories to digital factories. It is predicted that the manufacturers will invest $75 billion in the IoT technology up from $25 billion in 2015 by 2021. During the pandemic, adoption of IoT has been on the uprise and the manufacturers who have adopted IoT have already started reaping benefits. A recent study shows that the manufacturing units have improved their OEE (overall equipment efficiency) by up to 20%, reduced the product defects by 15% and increased the production line output by up to 12%. These are astounding figures, given that the manufacturers have implemented these solutions only 3-4 months back.

Though there are many IoT applications readily available, these solutions lack in customization and satiating the goals of each and every stakeholder involved in the process. Limited customization coupled with high investments in deployment of solutions and training of personnel beats the purpose of effective digitization. To overcome these challenges, we have come up with our own scalable framework that provides significant benefits to each and every stakeholder involved and is tailor mode for your domain. MFGSuite comprises of the below modules:

  1. Plant Configurator:

  • Under this module the users can create a digital replica of the enterprise plant ecosystem and associate multiple users to it.
  • The module enables users to identify key performance or health parameters and upload formulation for process KPIs
  1. Process360:

  • This module is aimed at unlocking intelligence from your machine data on any device anytime and anywhere
  • Digital Command Centre provides real time visibility of complete operational and transactional data at enterprise level
  • Batch Analytics / Golden Batch is tailor made for process manufacturers for analysis for target based and peer-based Batch Production Performance Rating
  1. Discrete360:

  • Discrete360 is aimed at providing advanced visibility to the production, quality, energy and maintenance departments on processes such as Injection molding, machine tool centres, packaging, stamping, pressing and more
  • Injection Molding: app provides a bird’s eye view for a user and provides the information on Machine running status, OEE, Plan vs. Actual Production and Efficiency
  • CNC Machining app provides insights on availability, performance and quality, machine utilization and hourly production data for a shift, downtime occurrences with reasons, rejection occurrences with reasons
  1. OEM360:

  • OEM360 is specifically built for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to start their digitization journey
  • The module entails value propositions from Process 360 (equipment level) as well as from Discrete 360 (equipment level), thereby offering OEMs best of both worlds.
  1. Scheduling App:

  • This is mostly for production planning and control to accommodate different stages of the manufacturing process and provide meaningful and actionable insights.
  • Provides automated, dynamic planning and scheduling functionalities for maximum utilization and effective optimization of equipment
  1. Maintenance App:

  • Used mostly for preventive and predictive maintenance of assets, this app provides visibility into machine conditions and provides alerts & notifications on MTTR, MTBF and more
  • The app provides insights on remote monitoring parameters of assets, operational parameters, planned vs actual, machine downtime to prevent failure and loss in production
  1. Energy App:

  • Energy App provides visibility into monthly area or line or asset wise energy consumption and its analysis
  • Energy optimization is further eased out with the help of various graphical representations of key parameters on the dashboards

MFGSuite is aimed to be ‘YOUR’ solution to provide insights to all stakeholders. It is pre-configurable, customizable, easy to deploy and has a direct impact on the organization’s revenue by virtue of its process optimization, increasing overall efficiency, reducing downtime & failure capabilities.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can transform the way industries work. It can create autonomous self-healing machines and enhance inventories using machine-learning. To know more about how MFGSuite can add value to your manufacturing process, please reach out to us today!

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Nitin Tappe

After successful stint in a corporate role, Nitin is back to what he enjoys most – conceptualizing new software solutions to solve business problems. Nitin is a postgraduate from IIT, Mumbai, India and in his 24 years of career, has played key roles in building a desktop as well as enterprise solutions right from idealization to launch which are adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. As a Founder member of Pratiti Technologies, he is committed to applying his management learning as well as the passion for building new solutions to realize your innovation with certainty.

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