Coined as one of the ultimate means of establishing communication between several objects or ‘things’ that are powered by technology, IoT has indeed come a long way.

Today, IoT drives business processes that span from modern product development to conventional businesses like agriculture. IoT has ushered in nothing short of a revolution.

According to a study, the number of IoT devices in 2019 was 26.66 billion and is estimated to reach a staggering 31 billion by the end of 2020, making the global IoT spend amount to 1.29 $ trillion.

As more and more businesses look for IoT adoption, they are faced with a burst of options in the crowded IoT solution provider market. Since the IoT solution provider is going to heavily define the scalability and security of the end product, making the right choice is both critical as well as overwhelming. According to a report by Cisco , over 75% of the IoT implementations are failing for varying reasons, and the wrong IoT solution provider seems to be one of the major factors.

In this article, we’ve listed down the traits of an IoT solution provider that help in addressing the key roadblocks in a successful IoT implementation. The best IoT solution provider demonstrates these traits:

Is knowledgeable about security

For any IoT solution provider, offering enhanced security features is imperative. From multiple authentications to end-to-end encryption, security modules need to be incorporated into your IoT implementation right since the inception.

Hence, your chosen IoT solution provider needs to be abreast of the security best practices and has to have hands-on experience in streamlining secure data exchange. You need to also ensure that your IoT solution provider has a deep understanding of upcoming security protocols for evolving systems in the future.

Is ready to scale with you

In a constantly evolving market, scalability is crucial for being relevant. Your business needs to be ready to deliver to the dynamic needs of the market. A growing business also drives in more data that needs to be effectively managed and repurposed for the business. So even if you are just starting, it is important to envision the future run of your business and choose an IoT provider that supports you in scaling.

An IoT provider that is able to scale the solution as your business grows, is proactive, and has the best-in-market expertise for hardware and software to be your ideal companion in the scalability journey.

Has hardware and software expertise

Developing an end-to-end IoT solution is no piece of cake. It requires impeccable hardware and software knowledge that needs to be well demonstrated. From cloud architecture to embedded system design, data analytics to application enablement, the domain knowledge of the IoT solution provider is intrinsic for a successful IoT implementation.

Look for IoT solution providers that not only have developers with diverse skills making use of the latest methodologies but also help in the smooth transition of several protocols and support with appropriate bandwidth for data transfer and communication. An IoT solution provider with domain expertise can also be monumental in disaster recovery in case things go downhill.

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Facilitates faster time to market

Enterprises today cannot wait forever for IoT implementation. The ideal IoT solution provider deploys IoT apps using templates, leveraging rapid app development frameworks and provides flexible deployment models improving the time to market for your business.

Offers comprehensive solutions

Your IoT implementation is not static and can change as your business scales. Along with scalability, your IoT solution provider should be able to offer comprehensive solutions under one umbrella – including frameworks that work across web and mobile, enriched with intuitive dashboards that provide valuable insights and analytics.  This will ensure that you can rely on just one provider and do not have to shop around to address different requirements.

Accommodates right into your budget

Let’s face it. IoT implementation is costly. Especially for small businesses that are just starting out, IoT implementation can be a huge decision that can impact finances. So, while IoT solution providers that make grand presentations and chalk out colossal plans, albeit unattainable, it is important not to let that impact your budget.

You have to look for an IoT solution provider that is ready to implement in smaller stages so that you can carefully allocate budget and expand sustainably. The best IoT solution provider also has a deep insight into several cost-saving choices, such as choosing public infra or opting for opensource to make small developments.