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We are in the age of digital technology-led business transformation. And the manufacturing industry is far from being left behind in the race. Over 90% of manufacturing companies are prioritizing digital transformation of their operations. Nearly 75% of business executives expect to realize benefits from this initiative over the next 2 years.

As an Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform, ThingWorx is built to empower the digital transformation of various industries including manufacturing. This platform does not simply enable digital connectivity. It can enable business flexibility and application development at a faster pace to help manufacturing companies extract the maximum advantage out of their IoT strategies.

In this blog, we will look at how 6 global manufacturing companies leveraged ThingWorx to gain a competitive edge.

Case Study#1 – Knorr-Bremse

Knorr-Bremse is among the world’s market leaders in brake systems and other systems for railway and commercial vehicles. For over 100 years, the company has consistently strived to make road and rail transport safer and environmentally friendly.

By deploying the ThingWorx platform, this company improved its operational visibility by providing centralized access to product and process-related data. The company also improved its workforce productivity by reducing manual work and human errors in manufacturing processes like quality control, documentation, and product shipping.

Here are some of the successful ThingWorx projects implemented in this company:
● A project to integrate and connect operational machines (with heterogeneous models) with each other that can help the manufacturer monitor KPIs like OEE across various locations.
● Improved the quality control process at Knorr-Bremse’s subsidiary company, Microelettrica Scientifica by interlinking various stages of product manufacturing, including test bench control and labeling.

Case Study#2 – Howden

Based in Glasgow, Howden is a global engineering company manufacturing industrial products for its customers across industries like oil & gas, power, and mining. For over 160 years, this company has focused on air & gas handling solutions and on manufacturing rotating equipment for various engineering projects.

To improve its workforce productivity, the company implemented augmented reality (AR) technology to deliver knowledge and training to its workforce. Through its AR solution, the company improved product demonstration and training by integrating IoT data from ThingWorx.

Here’s how the company benefited from ThingWorx:

  • Technical expertise for its internal teams
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Eliminated extensive travel for training purposes
  • Workforce safety and environmental sustainability

Case Study#3 – Lacroix Electronics

Based in Europe, Lacroix Electronics is specialized in subcontracting electronic parts for industries like home automation, automotive, and civil avionics. The company needed a technology solution to provide real-time visibility into its manufacturing operations. The electronics company planned to reduce equipment failure and improve product quality.

With the IIoT platform ThingWorx, Lacroix was able to aggregate real-time data from its IT and OT systems including welding stations and ovens. With this IoT data, the company gathered updated information on every machine’s condition and production line inputs.

Here are some of the benefits of ThingWorx for this company:

  • Earlier detection of machine anomalies and maintenance issues.
  • Longer asset utilization through reduced downtime and improved OEE
  • Increased profitability by scrap reduction and product defects

Case Study#4 – Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is a global company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation. The manufacturing company has a global workforce of over 23,000 and around 20 manufacturing plants across the globe.

Rockwell was among the first manufacturers to embrace digital transformation. Having achieved that, the company strived to achieve continuous improvement in their processes and operations. Using the ThingWorx platform, the company accelerated their digital transformation by:

  • Optimization of intelligent assets
  • Improvement in digital workforce productivity
  • Enterprise-level operational intelligence

Here are some of the results of implementing ThingWorx in this company:

  • 33% increase in labour efficiency and productivity
  • 50% less time for workforce training
  • 70% improvement in production output

Case Study#5 – Brembo

In the automotive industry, Brembo is the industry leader in the production of braking systems and other components for cars, motorbikes, and industrial vehicles. The company faced the challenges of insufficient data-driven insights into their plant floor operations.

Brembo was looking for a flexible technology solution that could integrate with its existing systems to provide real-time insights. With the IIoT platform ThingWorx, Brembo achieved real-time visibility into production facilities and their manufacturing asset health. Using the ThingWorx platform, the company implemented a real-time performance monitoring system in less than 10 weeks.

Case Study#6 – UAE-based manufacturer

A leading UAE-based weapons manufacturing group in the defense industry faced the challenge of high energy bills to run their manufacturing facility and corporate HQ. Besides tracking energy consumption for every machine, they needed a tool to measure the energy consumption across facilities and their smart buildings.

With ThingWorx, Pratiti team built a customized dashboard with relevant KPIs and drill-down functionalities leveraging digital twin technology to track their energy consumption in real-time across facilities and smart buildings. While their hypothesis was that the facility might be consuming the most energy, implementing a custom Thingworx application helped them realize that it was indeed their HQ smart building that was consuming the most energy. Such insights are often extracted post implementing digital solutions. Using these KPIs and reports, they were able to simulate optimal scenarios for energy consumption and eventually achieved significant savings in their energy bills and minimized any wastage.


What sets ThingWorx apart from other IoT solutions?

In today’s age, companies already know the immense value that IoT brings to their business. However, they still hesitate about implementation due to technical considerations. ThingWorx removes any technical restrictions that companies face when implementing an Industrial IoT solution.

Here’s what sets ThingWorx apart from other IoT solutions is its industry-specific solutions that deliver quicker ROI. For instance, ThingWorx enables energy efficiency in smart buildings through real-time monitoring of connected assets.

Similarly, in the manufacturing sector, ThingWorx is enabling sustainability through connected factories – as in the Knorr-Bremse case study. This IIoT platform is transforming “traditional” factories into intelligent data-driven powerhouses.

Powered by the ThingWorx IIoT platform, industrial manufacturers can also reduce production downtime through remote monitoring of both manufacturing processes and equipment. For instance, using IoT sensors, manufacturers can extract insights from IoT data about equipment performance.


How Pratiti Technologies can help you leverage ThingWorx

As an IoT expert and solution provider, Pratiti Technologies is enabling digital transformation in the global manufacturing industry. Our customized IoT solutions enable manufacturers to extract real-time insights from their connected devices and equipment. Here’s how manufacturers can use Pratiti’s IoT solutions to remotely monitor their industrial assets.

Manufacturers are leveraging our IoT expertise for various use cases including:

  • Plant benchmarking
  • Dynamic production planning and scheduling
  • 3D digital twins
  • OEE
  • Workforce productivity and much more

We can help you build your next IoT-powered application in a quick time. Contact us today!

Nitin Tappe

After successful stint in a corporate role, Nitin is back to what he enjoys most – conceptualizing new software solutions to solve business problems. Nitin is a postgraduate from IIT, Mumbai, India and in his 24 years of career, has played key roles in building a desktop as well as enterprise solutions right from idealization to launch which are adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. As a Founder member of Pratiti Technologies, he is committed to applying his management learning as well as the passion for building new solutions to realize your innovation with certainty.

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