Application of Virtual Reality in Renewable Energy

Clients Requirements:

Our client builds, owns and operates power plants powered by renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. They have built the largest Solar power generation entity in the country. The group has a portfolio of 2500 MW of Solar power generation capacity in the country.

Business Challenge:

The solar power plants are spread across the country. To meet the demand and contractual obligations, these plants should be operational throughout the duration and the energy generation efficiency should be optimum. This is taken care by the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team. This work needs continuous monitoring of the equipment as well as very skilled people to perform the maintenance activity in such a hazardous area.

The O&M team had reported some fatal accidents where the desired safety precautions were not followed while carrying out the procedure. This resulted in unplanned downtime and injuries. One of the root-causes was identified as a lack of effective training of maintenance personnel.

To increase the effectiveness of training, they wanted to build a Virtual Reality (VR) based technology solution, which provides highly immersive training to the user with the help of a head mounted display, coupled with 6 Degrees of Freedom controllers.

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