Maximizing Solar Plant Performance- Analytics Powered by Digital Twin Technology

Clients Requirements:

Our client wanted to build an integrated platform for solar energy management that monitors solar panels end-to-end; remotely, in real-time, and through customized reports.

The comprehensive set of features let you manage the portfolio, analyze health, predict yield, maximize performance, monitor production and fix degradation by performing detection.

Who should read this case study?

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Managers working in Solar/ Renewable energy sector. Anyone interested in developing a tech/IoT product focused on improving efficiencies in Solar energy space.

Why you should read this case study?

To know about,

  • Real-time performance monitoring and increasing power production
  • Get the link to see Live Dashboard of solar power plant analytics
  • Optimizing solar power usage to maximize returns
  • Use of Analytics data for Solar performance improvement
  • Challenges in solar application & how technology is providing the solution
  • Understand tech application in improving Solar efficiency

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