Infusing Process, Efficiency and Accountability in the Fragmented Post-Acute Care Scenario

Clients Requirements:

The client envisioned to address the pressing post-acute care issue in the European Market with an IoT Software or solution that can ensure complete recovery for patients post-treatment.

In order to transform this vision into reality, the client was looking for a reliable technology partner.

They were looking for a partner, who can understand the healthcare industry, help in technology stack selection, planned execution, and someone who can understand the European mindset and have knowledge of GDPR and HIPPA compliances.

Who should read this case study?

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Managers, and Healthcare tech enthusiasts. Anyone interested in developing a tech/IoT product focused on Healthcare.

Why you should read this case study?

  • Know how tech is helping manage post-acute healthcare
  • Know about a Software solution that ensures complete recovery for patients post-acute treatment.
  • Challenges in the development of a healthcare app
  • Key benefits for patient, Doctor and care providers

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