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Clients Requirements:

The client required a digital solution to automate manufacturing planning and scheduling for their product families at their manufacturing plants. These included planning and scheduling for various components of the product families and their assembly.

Many parameters' data had to be captured and holistically leveraged for effective planning and scheduling include asset downtime, uptime and capacity utilization.

The client chose Pratiti because of our Craftsmanship Approach, which ensured that the client's established manufacturing practices were embedded into the digital solution.

Who should read this case study?

  • Plant Managers and other manufacturing professionals who are looking to improve overall efficiency of manufacturing plants.
  • Digital Transformation enthusiasts who want to learn about how IoT can benefit a manufacturing plant and its practices.
  • Manufacturing professionals who are looking to upgrade from manual practices for planning and scheduling.

Why should you read this case study?

  • Learn why Pratiti's craftsmanship approach is a step above the factory model, and can greatly benefit your organization.
  • Learn why automated solutions are important for planning and scheduling, and why a technology partner can expedite adopting these digital solutions.
  • Learn about the various challenges related to planning and scheduling at manufacturing plants.

Know more about how Pratiti delivered the solution as required by the client and the Benefits, fill the form to download the detailed case study.

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