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Our client is a part of the injection moulding industry, a 150 billion industry and growing fast. Injection moulding is the most common method for manufacturing plastic parts and is used in a variety of applications including automotive, packaging, furniture etc. Typical manufacturing plant may have 20-150 moulding machines. Large companies have multiple plants spread across a country and even internationally.

Business Challenge:

'Increase the Operational efficiency and achieve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness by 90%'

1. Though the industry is growing, managing and improving operational efficiency continues to be a challenge. In most production plants, because of custom requirements from clients, the machines must constantly switch from one part to the other, which means that there are frequent down times involved for mold changes times.

2. Availability of material is also frequently an issue, which leads to machine down time. Besides this, there are also maintenance issues which lead to machine down times. All this pulls down the production efficiency by quite a bit. The throughput finally achieved is further reduced due to high part rejection. The combined effect of all these inefficiencies is that true Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is not even 60%.

Unavailability of reliable and real-time data is one of the biggest hurdles in driving efficiency improvement. Traditional ERP systems have not been able to deliver the required data and information. Hence many plants have gone back to spreadsheet-based management, which has its own limitations.

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