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Cloud and Cloud Computing

As part of the digital journey, companies must respond to the new growth opportunities to manage the disruption of existing business practices. At the same time, they must ensure a high level of process efficiency to ensure smooth business operations. Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain and many other technologies enable companies to seek greater transformative benefits for their business. These technologies can bring disruptive changes to the business, and cloud is the key driving enabler behind the adoption of these disruptive technologies.

Cloud-based services are becoming ubiquitous. Many people turn to the cloud for some reason—whether it’s for storing pictures, music collections or archiving documents. The number of people increasingly relying on cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to store files has skyrocketed. However, for enterprises, the question of whether to use the cloud is not so clear. Although there has been extensive discussion about the cloud and its impact on the business, there have been extensive concerns about the proper implementation of the technology in the enterprise. Pratiti’s cloud practice, with its comprehensive portfolio of offerings, is focused on helping enterprises realize strategic business outcomes from their digital transformation initiatives. We enable our customers to embark on their digital journey by helping them on distinct dimensions such as:

  • Evolving new ways to engage customers and create additional value
  • Creating a smarter enterprise that drives productivity, collaboration and innovation
  • Defining new business models by creating new cloud ecosystems – public, private or hybrid.

Pratiti’s Cloud Capabilities



Cloud strategies, defining a cloud roadmap and selecting the right cloud platform.

Managed Services

Service enablement (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS or Baas).

Agile methodologies


Cloud specific DevOps frameworks or open source tools. We bring agility to dev teams.

Cloud Native Apps

Building hyperscale, cloud-native applications to support your digital journey.

Cloud Accelerators



Rapid Application Development – Reusable microservices for rapid application development.

Agile methodologies


Managed services – pre-configured CI/CD and performance engineering processes.


Cloud Calculator

Sizing of your cloud use case, topology of cloud services, BOM, POC, cost, initial stage and production (short term, mid term and long term)

Cloud Computing Capabilities

Industry Focus

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iot solution providers in india


Healthcare App Development Company


iot solution providers in india

Software Technology ISVs &
Product Start Ups

Augment Cloud Solutions with





Agile methodologies

Statistical Modelling

Internet of Things

Semantic Analysis & Machine Learning




Service Soutions


Math Model Development


Data Engineering & Data Visualization

Value Proposition

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