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Contributing to betterment in society through social responsibility initiatives

Pratiti to financially support students’ engineering journey

Pratiti Technologies strongly believes in organizations recognizing their social obligations In order to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility, we have marked a corpus of 2-3% of our revenue to be donated towards social causes pertaining in the society. In 2022, Pratiti has decided to donate this amount to economically weaker engineering aspirants and students from Pune & Mumbai. The funds aim to help students like those affected by covid to pursue their education in the engineering field, in order to enable them to become the craftsmen of tomorrow. As part of the initiative, Pratiti Technologies will be collaborating with universities to reach out to economically weaker students who will benefit with this financial aid and take them one step closer to their dreams.

Educational infrastructure and resources play an irreplaceable role in providing students with the tools to realize their full potential. This is very relevant for technical education where access to well-equipped college infrastructure and knowledge is key to cultivating a student’s talent. Especially since the unfortunate events of the pandemic since 2020, there have been countless cases of talented students having to delay or forsake their aspirations of becoming software engineers and technology craftsmen. Pratiti Technologies has therefore decided to help such aspirants as part of its CSR activities in collaboration with College of Engineering, Pune and IIT Mumbai.

Glimpses of the MoU Signing

With the goal of supporting economically weaker engineering students, Pratiti Technologies aims to help them turn into professionals in the engineering field. We are driven to remove monetary constraints as an obstacle for such students through financial aid, and improve their lives after the devastating effects of the pandemic. We hope that it helps them becomes the craftsmen of tomorrow, and contribute to betterment of the society through their skills and intellect. As they undertake the fullfilling journey of their education, we hope our initiative improves the overall quality of their lives for years to come through the opportunities made possible through our support.

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