Pratiti commits to driving change through financial support for healthcare research, education, and sustainability

At Pratiti Technologies, we believe that success goes beyond business profits. It’s about making a positive impact and driving change in society. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have been actively contributing to causes that matter. As always, we have marked a corpus of 2-3% of our revenue to be donated towards social causes pertaining to society. In 2024, Pratiti donated this amount to BJ Government Medical College & Sassoon General Hospital (BJMC) and IIT Mumbai.

Recognizing the critical role medical research plays in improving public health, we are proud to support the Center of Excellence for Genomics at BJ Government Medical College & Sassoon General Hospital (BJMC) in Pune. Our contribution aims to provide crucial equipment that will enable researchers at BJMC to conduct vital studies in the field of medical microbiology, potentially leading to breakthroughs in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Pratiti Technologies is also excited to financially contribute towards IIT-Mumbai’s MEMS department’s initiatives, contributing to meaningful progress in education and sustainability. With IIT-Mumbai, we are facilitating development of an educational kit tailored for children to impart knowledge about electrical components, circuits, and device concepts through hands-on experiments. We are also contributing to a project aimed at repurposing waste materials into valuable resources. Through innovative methods, students are transforming discarded textiles into sturdy bricks or boards for furniture and creatively repurposing plastic waste from milk bags into functional products. Should these initiatives reach a point of scalability, they hold the promise of broader horizons.

We hope our initiatives improve has a long-lasting impact on the society and we are committed to driving such changes! As Richard Branson quoted “Success in business is not just measured by profits, but by the positive impact it makes on society.”

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