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Digital Twin

Digital Twin is an end-to-end virtual model of a physical thing, process, or service to enable data-driven decision-making and to put an end to business-process inefficiencies. Essentially, the digital twin is a technology that creates virtual representations of the physical world and its many relationships. The concept of digital twins represents the fusion of physical and virtual worlds, and every industrial product will get a dynamic digital representation. Digital Twins are a persistent digital model of the structure, behavior and context of the physical thing, process or a service.

We have our own patented Digital Twin and IoT enabled Performance Intelligence & Health Analytics accelerator for the Renewable Energy Sector.

Digital Twin of a device has four components – viz., Device data, AI/Data Analytics, Device Knowledge & Data Modelling. Once you have the data from the device, you need AI/Data Analytics to identify relevant signals from the data. Even with AI detecting patterns, intimate knowledge of whether the pattern is meaningful is utmost important. Building Data models based on this knowledge can help organizations to have a complete digital footprint. These ‘connected digital things’ generate data in real time, which can help companies better analyse and predict problems or give warnings in advance, prevent downtime, develop new business models or simulations and even plan better for the future at a lower cost by using simulation product. All of these will have a greater impact on providing a better customer business experience. We have a patented digital twin technology and specialize in multiple digital twin IoT platforms including but not limited to Microsoft Azure IoT digital twin platform, Amazon Sumerian and AWS IoT Core digital twin platform.

Applications of Digital Twin

Digital Twin technology that combines Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things is the key to Digital Transformation and is mainly used in the Industrial Internet of Things, Engineering and Manufacturing, Healthcare & Energy business verticals. The extensive coverage and use of the Internet of Things has made Digital Twins more cost-effective and accessible in the business environment. Few common applications of Digital Twin are

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To monitor, track and control industrial systems digitally. Makes manufacturing processes more efficient & optimized while reducing throughput times.

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For preventive & predictive maintenance, asset’s performance intelligence & health analytics.

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For patient monitoring, preventive maintenance and providing personalized healthcare.



To create a virtual model of a connected vehicle. To capture operational & behavioural data of the vehicle & deliver a customized experience to  end user.

Smart Cities

Digital Twin insights can help enhance economic development, management of resources and reduction of ecological foot print.


Industrial Customers

To capture environmental data such as location, configuration of plant & its assets. To simulate certain scenarios using multiple parameters as inputs to predict an outcome.


Supply Chain / Logistics

For understanding dynamics & behavior, monitoring risks & testing contingencies, transportation planning, inventory optimization, forecasting & testing operations.

Pratiti’s Approach to Digital Twins

At Pratiti, we define a hierarchy of digital twins. The most common being component, asset, system, and process digital twins.

  • Component digital twin: Component twin is essentially a major sub-component that has a major impact on the performance of the asset to which it belongs.

  • Asset digital twin: Asset twins are collections of & informed by component twins to provide visibility at the equipment level.

  • System digital twin: A system twin is a collection of assets used to provide visibility into a set of interdependent equipment.

  • Process digital twin: A process twin is basically the highest level of twin that provides a view into a set of activities or operations, such as a manufacturing or supply chain or logistics processes.

We can even create these digital assets before physically building them. To create a digital twin of any tangible asset, our engineers collect and synthesize data from a variety of sources, including physical data, manufacturing data, operational data, and analytical software insights. All this information and AI algorithms are integrated into physical-based virtual models, and by applying Analytics to these models, we gain & provide relevant insights for faster decision making. Consistent data flow helps to get the best analysis and insights about your components, assets, systems or processes which helps to optimize business results.

Digital Twin with AI

The Digital Twins work with the help of the Internet of Things. The process involves gathering real-time data with the help of smart components which are collected from sensors. This data is connected with a cloud-based system for real-time monitoring and processing of data. After analyzing the data, we can perform various operations for performing business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital part in digital twin’s foundation. The working architecture includes two main components:

  • Pattern Recognition: Pattern Recognition deals with behavioural aspects of the digital asset. The technologies behind predicting the life of an asset and failure systems include Advanced Machine Learning and Transfer Learning Methods.

  • Learning Models: This process involves building models that can be validated, monitored, and updated continuously.

This is how we can help you with digital twin software platforms and solutions that will act as a real-time model of the physical device.

Digital Twin is Beneficial in The Following Ways

Key Use Cases for Digital Twin


Predictive Maintenance

Statistical models can help predict failure of the asset & preventive, predictive & prescriptive maintenance can be carried out, thereby saving time, money & productivity.


Product Design

With Digital Twin, everything can be connected & virtually designed, validated, & tested to aid in reduced development time, improved quality, & quicker response to feedback.


Remote Monitoring

With the help of Digital Twin, an operator can visually experience the operation of a particular asset or a plant & alert/notify or take remedial actions in case of any deviation.


Remote Operations

With Digital Twin, one can avoid outage & automatically identify performance issues and give the insights needed to manage problems proactively.


VR based Training

The field agent can be trained using virtual reality & digital twin to fix various issues in a step-by-step manner, dramatically reducing the cost of maintenance.

Agile methodologies


With digital twin we can leverage multi-physics based simulation to experiment with various what-if scenarios before actually manufacturing the product.

Imagine a factory with several machines, each machine performing a separate task. A Digital Twin can be created for each machine in the factory. After creation, you need to capture the interaction between the digital twins – what information is exchanged between a pair of digital twins, and how the status of the twins changes when receiving specific messages. This actually creates a complex model with a rich visualization of the state machine system and complex interactions between various digital twins. Pratiti Technologies by virtue of expertise in multiple digital twin IoT platforms including but not limited to Microsoft Azure IoT digital twin platform, Amazon Sumerian and AWS IoT Core digital twin platform, is able to bring two distinct worlds of PLM and IoT together and create a unique value proposition in a seamless manner.

We have proven that leveraging integrated digital twin software platforms and solutions digital twin software platform solutions can help firms, enterprises, and industries grow faster and operate smarter. To know more about how our patented digital twin technology can help your organization, contact us today.

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