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Edge is a buzzword. Like ‘IoT’ and ‘Cloud’ before it, Edge means everything and nothing. The advent of edge computing as a buzzword is the realization that there isn’t much growth left in the cloud space. Almost everything that can be centralized has been centralized. Most of the new opportunities for the ‘cloud’ lie at the ‘edge’. Edge computing is computing that’s done at or near the source of the data, instead of relying on the cloud at one of a dozen data centers to do all the work.

For many companies, the cost savings alone acts as a driver towards deploying an edge-computing architecture. Companies that embraced the cloud for many of their applications have already discovered that the costs in bandwidth are much higher than they expected. At it’s basic level, edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to the devices where it’s being gathered, rather than relying on a central location that can be thousands of miles away. By doing so, real-time data does not suffer latency issues that would impact the application’s performance. In addition, companies also save a lot of money by having the processing done locally by reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed in a centralized or cloud-based location. Even though the initial goal of Edge Computing was to reduce bandwidth costs over long distances for IoT devices, it is expected that this technology will be driven by the advent and growth of real-time applications that require local processing and storage capabilities.

PraEdge – To ManEdge Your Future

Pratiti has developed its own Edge Platform – PraEdge, for building IoT Apps on Edge to enable industrial device connectivity with a simple drag and drop interface, application deployment, and secure access to remotely located gateways.

Key features of PraEdge are:

  • It is an IoT services for building IoT Apps on the Edge.

  • It is meant for collecting data from various industrial systems, aggregate it, analyze it and connectivity to cloud systems.

    • Industrial systems include Sensors, PLCs, Industrial Controllers, SCADA systems or Historians
  • It is meant for on-premises of Industrial Plants Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Power Generation, Water Distribution, Sewage Treatment etc.

  • It is meant for various IoT apps requirements ranging from data acquisition services for cloud apps to building full-fledged apps to run within plant firewalls.

  • It is deployable on Industrial PCs or Windows Servers or Linux Servers.

  • Benefits of PraEdge include maximum privacy & security, enables proactive use cases, lowers bandwidth & latency issues, reduces hosting costs and triggers real time insights.

Key Use Cases of Edge Computing


Condition Based


Predictive Maintenance


Asset Performance


Industrial Process

Our Edge Apps


Solar digital twin and IoT enabled performance intelligence & health analytics app built on Edge platform is readily available for the renewable industry to streamline O&M, benchmark asset portfolio and increase efficiency

Rotary Equipment Health Analytics

Condition Based Monitoring – IoT enabled business application for the Manufacturing vertical built on Edge platform is readily available for condition based remote monitoring of various assets in the plants(s).

PraEdge – Modules and Components

Device Management

Device Management Module

  • Adding, Removing and updating devices
  • Measurement parameters management
  • Device configuration & control

Device Management Component

  • Features
    • Device Onboarding
    • OTA via secured TLS connections with devices (*)
    • Remote Control (*)
  • Admin console via web UI Features

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Module

  • Protocol support for MDBUS, OPC UA
  • Data storage with time series DB
  • Data aggregation

Data Acquisition Component

  • Multiple data source
    • MODBUS over TCP
    • OPC UA
    • MQTT JAVA based Microservice
  • Configuration via JSON based input
  • Data Storage: Timescale DB as time-series DB


Analytics Module

  • KPI processing
  • Events processing Integrations

Analytics Component

  • Features
    • Aggregation
    • Alerting
  • Based on native Java processing
  • Integration with Kafka (based on analytics requirement)

Business Modeller

Business Modeller Module

  • Business object modeling
  • Site configurator
  • User access management

Application Framework Component

  • User-defined dashboards
  • User-configurable widgets
  • Drag & drop parameters visualization

Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder Module

  • User-defined dashboards
  • User-configurable widgets
  • Drag & drop parameters visualization

Dashboard Builder Component

  • Angular 7 based self-serviced dashboards
  • User selection of graphical widgets
  • REST end points configuration via web UI

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity Module

  • Data adapters for Cloud systems
  • Readily available adapter for Siemens MindSphere

Cloud Connectivity Component

  • JAVA based KPI engine
  • Integration is available with Kafka and WSO2 for event processing. Native JAVA event processing available.

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