Free Transition to Pratiti Craftsmen
Build an Extended Team to Ensure Business Continuity

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, we understand the challenges faced by the Software Technology ISVs. They are facing major disruptions in their ongoing projects and operations. The current situation has demanded them to launch more products in a quicker time. Thus, Business Continuity and Innovation have become of paramount importance for the ISVs. This requires not only manpower but also a reliable technology partner. The partner should understand the business domain, technology & culture at the ISVs and offer commitment and agility to meet their objectives. The partner should be able to quickly setup an extended team for the ISVs and start adding value.

At Pratiti Technologies, we understand what the technology community is going through and are offering a partnership opportunity to overcome these challenges. We have launched a 30-days free of cost transition program to build an extended team for the ISVs.

Pratiti will commit its domain experts and key technical resources in this period free of cost to the ISVs. Our internal software engineering best practices have been further customized to facilitate a smooth transition of the identified work products and services from ISVs to the extended team at Pratiti. This initiative is an output-based model so that ISVs can focus on adding value to their customers.

The 30-days plan includes following important phases.



To get well acquainted not only with products & product development philosophy but also with the people & culture at the ISVs with the help of Pratiti’s domain experts
SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)

Technology Understanding

Deep dive into the required technology stack. Understanding product integration and deployment infrastructure by involving Pratiti’s technology experts.
Agile methodologies

Product Infrastructure Setup

To set-up product infrastructure required at both the ends. To customize the software engineering practices to best meet the expectations

Product Backlog Planning

To understand and groom the product backlog with the help of ISV’s Product Owners.

Sprint Zero

Trial run of the complete setup to check if all the elements required for the project are in place. Successful completion of the Transition.

We have a team of 200+ craftsmen, skilled in various technologies that has successfully worked on 30+ complex & critical IT projects. We take pride in the quality of technology craftsmen available at our disposal. Our confidence in our team is reflected by this new initiative.

Our Key Success
Factors are

At Pratiti, we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety, health and well-being of our team members as well as to ensure business continuity in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to our team members, customers and partners. We are remotely operational, full to our capacity during this pandemic – which remains a health and humanitarian crisis.

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