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Energy and utility sector is embracing emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Data Science, renewable energy software and cloud computing. The digital revolution involves these advances to build smart grids, manage renewable energy with the help of renewable energy software and distributed generation.

The energy industry can feel the disruptive changes in its digital transformation initiatives. Expanded utilization of renewables, versatility issues, and sustainability concerns are only a couple of the drivers behind the businesses must change – and digitization is the single greatest empowering agent of that change. The digital age has not only brought us a ‘digital twin’ version of the physical power plant that monitors every asset, but it’s also capable of generating insights to improve operational performance from a service and maintenance perspective with the help of renewable energy software.

Renewable energy software is driving power companies become more agile at managing production and supply better, resulting in improvements in both distribution and management, and of course end-user consumption as a result. The ability to develop plans based on real-time data analytics is helping energy companies to build competitive advantage. Our renewable energy software is sophisticated and efficient. Also, the renewable energy software brings a plethora of advantages.

Our Expertise


Energy Management

Remote Asset Monitoring/Management

To monitor realtime renewable energy generation for alerts and faults.

Grid Balancing

To provide the real-time information needed to effectively manage congestion on T&D lines.

Grid Contribution

To manage variations in voltages at different nodes on the grid causing changes in power flow.


Asset Performance Management

Digital Twin

To help identify insights for improving operational efficiencies.

Asset Health & Analytics

To analyse key operational and performance KPI data collected over longer period

Performance Intelligence of Assets

To gain realtime performance insights of the assets & your plants.


Energy Retails


To analyze trends in the data supplied and use it as the basis for forecasting, infrastructure upgrade and development.

Process Optimization

To provide real-time information about the overall state of the entire generation station and this is greatly helping plant automation.

Automatic Meter Reading

To provide IoT based automatic meter reading, invoicing and receivables.

Our Solutions

Apollo: Solar Digital Twin based Energy Analytics Solution

“Your Data, Our Insights”

APOLLO is our solar energy analytics solution built using our patented digital twin technology to improve the solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant operations and performance via next generation solar data analytics products. We are passionate and concerned about our planet Earth health and hence we believe renewable energy will be the savior to the climate change and sustainable energy demands problems.

Our passion lies in solving complex business problems & improving system efficiency through a data driven approach. Through our solar energy analytics solution, we continue to empower digital twin technology revolution in the renewable energy sector by helping businesses to benefit from solar data analytics using various key health indicators and key performance indicators as well as valuable insights for decision making.

Apollo – Digital Twin Based Solar Energy Analytics Solution

IoT Apps on Edge – Collect, Aggregate, Analyse Data, Cloud Connectivity IoT services for building IoT Apps on the Edge It is meant for collecting data from various industrial systems, aggregate it, analyse it and connectivity to cloud systems.

Industrial systems include Sensors, PLCs, Industrial Controllers, SCADA systems or Historians It is meant for on premises of Industrial Plants Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Power Generation, Water Distribution, Sewage Treatment etc.

It is meant for various IoT apps requirements ranging from data acquisition services for cloud apps to building full-fledged apps to run within plant firewalls It is deployable on Industrial PCs or Windows Servers or Linux Servers

IoT Gateway Device – An Industrial Grade, Multipurpose and Cross Industry Device PraGate™ is an industrial grade, multi-purpose and cross-industry IoT Gateway that provides data logging, edge computing and a simplified integration with cloud-based IoT Platforms.

PraGate™ is an embedded data logging and edge computing device with ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit core processor and 256KB RAM. It hosts onboard analog and digital I/O to configure it in almost any industry use case. Device storage up to 16GB also helps to store data locally in case of loss of cloud connectivity for local data analysis. PraGate™ has an inbuilt webserver to monitor device working and connectivity to the cloud. A most unique feature of PraGate™ is configuration, deployment, and support for any device (via MODBUS) through industry standard JSON files. No programming requirement to interface any MODBUS (RTU/TCP) based device. It is a simple configuration in the world of PraGate.

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Cloud based IoT platform for remote monitoring of solar grids


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