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Today’s entrepreneurs are challenged by bringing their innovative ideas faster in market. To be successful, you need to be the best at business understanding and technology. You need a team which beliefs in the same dream as yours. A team which lives, breathes and contributes to realizing your dream. Technology expertise and passion are essential to bringing products faster to the market. Digital product development services enable entrepreneurs to focus on transforming their ideas into outstanding enterprises.

Today’s businesses are very competitive. A bright idea, strong strategy and in-depth industry knowledge may not bring required results. Organizations need to pay attention to high development quality and innovative development practices. Outsourcing product development to an expert player like us helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Software Product Development companies including start-ups in freeing their valuable resources from development and concentrating on their core activities.

Technology products and business models cannot stay the same for long due to the rapid pace of innovation, accelerated development cycles, newer methodologies and disruptive business models. This has not only increased the importance of managing innovation and engineering but has also increased the complexity of management. With services across the entire product development spectrum, Pratiti is an ideal engineering partner to co-innovate and co-create around new product development services and be your transformation catalyst in your digital journey.

Over the course, we have developed a niche software outsourcing model of partnering with ISVs and Software Product Companies that integrates cutting-edge technology skills, mature process approach, creative digital branding and offshore location advantage to give ISVs and Product start-ups superior product development benefits. We assist them with development bandwidth, world-class quality, timeliness and value-for-money in our quest of becoming their partner of choice.

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Pratiti’s Global Footprint: Crafting Excellence through GCCs

Global Capability Centers or GCCs are instrumental hubs that enable organizations to leverage specialized talent, technology, and strategic expertise across the globe. GCCs in India play a crucial role in driving operational efficiencies, fostering innovation, and ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality products and services in this country. 

Pratiti’s software outsourcing model coupled with resource augmentation aligns seamlessly with the GCCs, offering a comprehensive suite of services to GCCs of Global ISVs and Software Product Companies. This model encompasses cutting-edge technology skills, a mature process approach, and the advantage of offshore locations, enabling us to provide the required skills and expertise in operationalizing existing GCCs in India or scaling well-established GCCs in India.

ISVs Current Landscape

Global Captive Centres have evolved over the years and parent organizations now look at these centres to deliver new forms of value, including helping their home enterprises unlock the true potential of digital technologies in the future.

ISVs and Start-Ups

Start-Up Landscape

A Product or a tech start-up needs to focus on People, Processes and Technology equally in various stages of their growth journey with the help of innovative and new product design and development services. It is important for a start-up to convert its ideas into a successful MVP / POC at the earliest. Given the different stages of their lifecycle, they should prioritize different aspects of people, processes and technology accordingly.

Innfo ISVs Components of Analytics360

Our Expertise

Digital Product Development Services

At Pratiti, we aim to become a ‘Preferred Technology Partner’ for leading ISVs, tech enterprises and product start-ups by enabling them with our rich digital product development expertise. So what are you waiting for? Contact the best Product Development Services company today!

We provide digital transformation consulting and innovations services to helps companies adopt and implement digital technologies to create unique value proposition for customers and drive innovation and growth.

New Product Development
We leverage UX led engineering to develop new platforms, new applications and transform the existing ones with a faster time to market. We cover the entire spectrum of engineering from consulting, UI/UX design, architecture, development and testing.

Product Support
We architect user journeys and convert ideas into proof of concepts. We create highly intuitive and elegant interfaces across multiple channels to deliver superior customer experience.

Staff Augmentation
We can set up an Innovations lab for you or provide skilled resources. We offer flexibleengagement models to our clients by providing them with Software Development, DevOps, QA Automation resources for their digital projects.

Navigating GCC Challenges: Empowering Success with Pratiti’s Expertise

New Product Development

Pratiti offers its expertise in new product design and development, assisting GCCs in meeting the growing demand for high-quality and innovative products.

Staff Augmentation

Addressing the challenge of skills shortage, Pratiti offers staff augmentation services, enabling GCCs in India to acquire and retain technical talent from a competitive job market.

Product Support and Sustenance

In the face of emerging technologies and changing market dynamics, Pratiti provides high-quality support and sustenance for existing products. It helps GCCs adapt and thrive amidst evolving industry landscapes.

Hiring for Scalability

As a talent hiring partner, Pratiti aids GCCs in the early stage and growth phases by identifying the right talent. Leveraging an understanding of Pune’s and India’s talent base, Pratiti devises innovative strategies to tap into the local talent pool, providing candidates with the right value proposition.

Software R&D Partnership

With flexible engagement models, Pratiti collaborates with GCCs in joint R&D development, time and materials, or fixed-price projects. It contributes to software R&D for product innovations across various in-house products.

Implementation of BOT Model

Pratiti’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model offers a strategic solution to overcome GCC challenges. Our BOT in India model ensures a smooth transition, based on our proven processes and approach.

Why Pratiti?

Domain Leadership

  • Knowledge of regulatory compliances (eg HIPAA, CCHIT, etc.)
  • Awareness of healthcare standards (e.g. ICD-10, XDS/XDS-I,HL7, etc.)
  • Integrated, outcome based & patient centric solutions

Innovations DNA

Excellent track record of delivering software solutions in a timely manner often ahead of schedule by collaborating effectively and efficiently with our customers and partners.

Execution Framework

Robust framework with proven and well defined internal processes for Agile, DevOps, Product Definition to build next generation digital products.

Ignite Innovation and drive Success with Pratiti

Discover tailored solutions designed for GCCs for ISVs and Software Product Companies from all industries at Pratiti. Our engagement models, including innovation consulting and staff augmentation, cater to your unique needs, providing top-notch talent and software engineering excellence. Unique models like BOT in India, Resource Augmentation, Outsourced Product Development ensure a strategic and long-term presence in India, a boon for ISVs and Product Companies looking to expand their footprint. Elevate your innovation journey and drive success with Pratiti’s specialized solutions.

Explore Pratiti’s Solutions – Where Your Innovation Meets Success!

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