Leverage Industry 4.0 to Realize Innovation
Driven Digital Transformation

Most industries today have to the extent possible adapted and implemented the automation of machines and processes brought forward by Industry 3.0. The new mantra of the next era of industrialization is the end-to-end digitization of all production assets and the integration of both vertical and horizontal value chains into one digital ecosystem. Process transformation, business model transformation, domain transformation and cultural/ organizational transformation happen to be the four key types of digital transformation. From remote visibility of assets at the department level to generating KPIs of the asset’s efficiency and effectiveness at the plant level to getting closed-loop insights at the enterprise level, Digital Transformation has enabled forward-thinking organizations step up their game and drive key business decisions at multiple levels to create value and drive competitiveness.

It’s efficient, digital, sustainable, connected, and smart. But what exactly is Industry 4.0? It’s the buzzword surrounding the fourth – and completely digital – revolution. After the steam engine and the assembly line, the computer brought about the third industrial revolution. Now, digitalization is transforming the industrial process once more. By taking advantage of this rise in automation, sensors, data exchange, and analytics in real-time, companies are producing and delivering products smarter, faster and more efficiently, thereby opening a new world of possibilities.

This wave of digital transformation is reshaping all manufacturing industries. It represents an intersection of machine automation, processes driven by real-time data, and technology enabled workforces brought together with enterprise-wide connectivity. Corporations that regard and pursue digital transformation in a multi-dimensional way will find greater success than those that don’t.

At Pratiti, we are at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives and are continually building a comprehensive approach to manage all the nuances of Industry 4.0 requirements. Our Industry 4.0 accelerators – MFGConnect, PraEdge & PraGate further enable our clients to digitally transform their journey in a seamless, efficient and timely manner.


IoT Apps on Cloud


IoT Apps on Edge


IoT Gateway

Industry 4.0 Use Cases – Focus Areas


Plant Benchmarking

Improve data collection and analysis across plants, equipment, lines and more. Get a clearer picture of performance and make more meaningful improvements.

SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)

Real-time Visibility

Deliver the right information to the right person—right when they need it. Improve productivity and safety, while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Agile methodologies

Increasing OEE

Digital manufacturing can discover previously unmeasured KPIs to find—and solve—hidden inefficiencies. Minimize avoidable CAPEX, prevent downtime, and accelerate changeover.


Workforce Productivity

Adopt technology to empower your most valuable asset the frontline employees on your factory floor. Supercharge your workforce for massive efficiency gains.


Digital Thread

Begin manufacturing in parallel with engineering and remain updated with access and visibility to the latest design changes. Accelerate production and reduce non-quality costs via a seamless digital thread.

Industry 4.0 Service Offering


  • Factory Visibility
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
iot development services in india


  • Asset Utilization & Performance
  • Asset Monitoring & Control
  • Asset as a Service


  • Field Service Management
  • Pre-emptive Maintenance
  • Remote Services

Supply Chain

  • Track and Trace
  • Fleet Management
  • Supplier Collaboration


  • Digital twin
  • Extended Reality (XR)
  • Connected Products


  • Smart Quality Control
  • Analytics Quality Process and Control
  • Predictive Quality

Safety & Security

  • Location Tracking & Real Time Monitoring
  • Connecting Remote Workers
  • PPE Compliance

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Leveraging Digital Transformation driven technologies with Agile Methodology to build world-class technology products


Data Science & Analytics

SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)



Cloud Computing


 Edge Computing

Internet of Things



Digital Twin

Making Your Value Chain Smarter

Discrete Industries

Process Industries

Case Study

Realizing the vision of Industry 4.0 for Discrete Manufacturing


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