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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as the key technology enabler for Digital Transformation and proved to be a growth driver for businesses across industries. Is IoT worth calling a revolution? YES. Any revolution is directly proportional to change. There are innumerable use cases of IoT, few of them being – access to real-time data to get actionable insights, remote monitoring for performance intelligence and health analytics of the assets, M2M communication to prevent downtime, and if augmented with a digital twin, IoT can help organizations in predictive maintenance and save them from sudden downtime or failure of machines or equipment.

Machines, Game Consoles, Kitchen appliances – Many of the devices we use for work or pleasure already communicate with each other via the Internet. Things have evolved rapidly with the help of IoT solution providers in India in recent years and continue to change how we interact with our surroundings.

The steady fall in prices of sensors and communications technologies, combined with a parallel rise in understanding of how they can be applied, have raised the application of IoT technologies and also the IoT development services in India. IoT solution providers in India have moved to the operational phase and already started delivering values in industries ranging from Healthcare to manufacturing. Thus, today you will come across several IoT development services in India.

We at Pratiti, provide the best IoT development services in India. We feel that some focused conversations between a tech expert (like us) and industry experts like you will help a lot in driving the solutions that can meet real-world needs, the outcomes you are looking for.

Why partner with an IoT App Development company like us ?

At Pratiti, we have been providing IoT consultancy, IoT solution architecture, module design and development as well as IoT operations and support services to our clients to transform their businesses into smart enterprises. Skilled IoT app developers, proven IoT app development processes coupled with our IoT enabled Industry 4 accelerators makes us a leading IoT app development company.

Our range of IoT application development services enables us to quickly transform your devices into ‘smart’ devices. As an internet of things development company with rich expertise in digital technologies, we leverage multiple digital capabilities to ensure that the software app we deliver not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our team has worked on several protocols, external hardware devices and robust infrastructure to offer a holistic solution to your requirements. Our client-centric approach allows us to give you dynamic solutions to enhance your customer satisfaction and requirements. Our ability to successfully deliver quality projects ahead of schedule by unlocking the real power of IoT makes us one of the leading IoT software development companies.

Pratiti’s IoT Capabilities

We offer easily deployable solutions for enterprises that gather data from sensors to provide actionable business insights.



We offer a range of specialized engagements from adoptions of roadmaps for smart manufacturing to go-to-market strategies for connected products.
SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)


We seamlessly connect the physical with the digital. We create new connected products and renew standalone products into smart ones which are capable of doing more.
Agile methodologies

Development & Testing

We provide Development (Data science, UX/UI and 3rd party system integration) as well as Testing services (including Users Acceptance Tests – UAT and Certification)

Operations & Support (DevOps)

We help companies manage and maintain services across the IoT stack through our IoT solutions.

Our Pillars of Building an IoT Ecosystem


Sensors & Actuators

Sensors gather data from the environment; actuators turn things on or off or set values.


Edge & Gateways

Converts and transfers sensor data between layers and through networks such as 3G, LAN, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN etc. Handle data on different volume, velocity & variety scale.


Cloud & Analytics

Analyses, stores, and processes large data sets. Might use databases, cloud computing to generate Insights.


User Experience

Builds great experience through Web, Mobility & AR/VR & to provides application specific services to user.


Business Applications

Manages the entire IoT system, its functionality, applications, and business models.

Applications of IoT & Industry specific key use cases

iot development services in india


Digital/Connected factory

To enable visibility & transparency of information throughout the value chain.

Predictive Maintenance

To analyse data collected from industrial machinery for predicting future maintenance.

Facility Management

To collect data for condition-based monitoring facilities by defining thresholds.

Inventory Management

To enable process champions with realistic estimates of the quantity of material available.

Plant Safety and Security

To monitor number of injuries and illness rates, near-misses, short- and long-term absences, vehicle incidents and property damage or loss during daily operations.

Quality Control

To linearly identify, analyse & improve quality issues starting from composition of raw materials used, temperature to the working environment, wastes, the impact of transportation etc. on the final products.

Packaging Optimization

Gain insights into the usage patterns and handling of product over the multiple stages.

Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

Predict demand, reduce inventory and in turn reduce primary capital requirements.

iot solution providers in india


Remote Asset Monitoring/Management

To monitor real-time renewable energy generation for alerts and faults.

Digital Twin

To help identify insights for improving operational efficiencies.

Asset Health & Analytics

To analyse key operational and performance insights (KPIs) data collected over longer period.

Performance Intelligence of Assets

To gain real-time performance insights of assets & your plants

Grid Balancing

To provide real-time information needed to effectively manage congestion on T&D lines.

Grid Contribution

To manage variations in voltages at different nodes on the grid causing changes in power flow.


To analyse trends in the data supplied and use it as the basis for forecasting, infrastructure upgrade and development.

Process Optimization

To provide real-time information about the overall state of the entire generation station to help plant automation.

Healthcare App Development Company


Remote Health & Monitoring

To connect health devices (wearable and non-wearables) and automatic data collection at clinics, hospitals and at home.

Mobile Health

To minimize costs and eliminate the need for some visitations and help improve the patient’s quality of living.

Smart Hospitals

To increase overall productivity by greatly reducing in-house costs for hospitals, preserve forests, and make both patients’ and medical staff’s lives easier.

Enhanced Drug Management

To enable patients & doctors have access to the drug information and track their personal performance and improve their habits.

Virtual Encounters

To enable virtual encounters with healthcare professional for remote diagnostic and tele-medicine.

Ensuring Availability and Accessibility of Critical Hardware

To track real-time location of medical equipment/hardware like wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps and other monitoring equipments.

Tracking Staff, Patients, and Inventory

To facilitate asset tracking of staff members, patients, and hardware — throughout the building.

Chronic Disease Management

To combine IoT enabled wearable tech, next-gen analytics, and mobile connectivity to address chronic diseases.

Pratiti’s IIoT Accelerators

We have built accelerators mapped with ISA 95 standards to enable us to craft our client’s IoT driven digital transformation journey in a timely and efficient manner.

Augment IoT Solutions with


Cloud Consulting

SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)

Cloud Native Apps

Agile methodologies

Statistical Modelling

Internet of Things

Semantic Analysis & Machine Learning




Managed Services


Math Model Development


Data Engineering & Data Visualization

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that affect your development budget:

  • Number of IoT app features and key parameters required
  • Device types on which it should work – web / mobile (iOS / Android)
  • UI requirements (number of screens, style guide, dashboards, modules, etc.)
  • IoT UX and IoT features’ complexity
  • App security level requirement
  • Operating system and API integrations
  • User access and custom reports requirement

Pratiti being one of the leading IoT solution providers, accounts for all of the above while ensuring we deliver maximum value to our customers basis their specific requirements.

Pratiti as an IoT app development company takes all the necessary measures to ensure full security of the IoT systems. A few of these measures are:

  • Use of Device Authentication
  • Use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Use of Secured Internet Network OR Secured Cloud Platform basis your requirement
  • Use of Encrypted Security Layers
  • Firmware and Software Updates

Pratiti possesses rich and well proven IoT development services expertise. For us, the main pillars of building an IoT ecosystem are:

  • Sensors & Actuators – to gather data from the environment and set values
  • Edge & Gateways – to converts and transfer sensor data between layers and through networks
  • Cloud & Analytics – to analyze, store, and process large data sets
  • User Experience – to provide application specific services to user.
  • Business Applications – to manages the entire IoT system, its functionality, applications, and business models.

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