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Who should download this eBook?

Tech Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Managers and Tech enthusiast. Anyone interested in developing a tech/IoT product.

Why you should Download this eBook?

This comprehensive guide covers the following points,

  1. State of IoT Projects
  2. New Business Models with Advent of IoT
  3. Emerging Business Models Explained with Examples
  4. B2B: The case for IoT-as-a-Service (IoTaaS)
  5. IoT-as-a-Service Is the Future

At Pratiti Technologies, We do Product development in IoT, AR and VR using SMAC. We have specialised team (craftsman) to undertake the job. We practice devops supported by agile to ensure smooth tech journeys for our customers. As a company we focus on working with Stratups across sectors and for larger clients we work in Manufacturing, Healthcare and Energy/ Renewble sectors.

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