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MFGSuite – In A Nutshell

Being one of the leading custom Industrial IoT platform providers in India, we devised MFGSuite – a framework to build IoT Apps for discrete and process manufacturing industries to adopt digitization quickly and efficiently. It is capable of connecting, analysing and visualising assets and processes via software and hardware IoT gateways. Our industrial IoT solution is capable of building multiple apps and providing technical assistance with appropriate visualization techniques for making informed decisions.

  • Horizontally and vertically scalable
  • Ready framework for discrete and continuous/batch manufacturing processes
  • Offers customizable analytics and insights basis industry and stakeholder requirements
  • Cost efficient and easy to deploy
  • Reduces development time and saves cost for our customers

In the Discrete360 module for discrete manufacturers, MFGSuite caters to industries such as Machine Tools, Plastics and others by accommodating readily built applications for Machining Centres and Injection Molding. The framework is mapped with ISA 95 standards and provides operational insights at different levels such as enterprise, plant, production line, work cell and equipment. MFGSuite enables access to Production Monitoring, Condition Based Monitoring, Maintenance, Quality Tracking and Energy Management.

In the Process360 module for process manufacturers, MFGSuite caters to Pharmaceutical, Chemical and other industries by providing 360-degree view of end to end processes. It offers insights on capacity utilization, performance, energy consumption, performs quality checks & SPC analysis, captures planned vs actual production, monthly/weekly/daily automated reports, reports/alerts/notifications via SMS/emails & user specific access to dashboards.

As a reputable industrial IoT solution provider, our solution is mapped with ISA 88 and ISA 95 standards and is aimed at process manufacturing for regulated sanity checks in batch processes and also to enable 100% of the batches produced to be a ‘Golden Batch’. It leverages the Dimension Reduction Technique for Regression like Principle Component Analysis. PCA tries to explain the variance-covariance structure of a data set and aims to increase the variance of the features itself, like the loss of information is greatly reduced. PCA is a Dimensionality Reduction algorithm widely used now in machine learning as unsupervised learning.

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As an Experienced Industrial IoT Company, Pratiti Brings the IIoT Technology Together to Help You

  • Calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Health Indicators (KHIs) of your machine equipment from your shop floor in real-time using our Industrial IoT solutions.
  • Decrease downtime and machine failure with predictive maintenance capabilities.
  • View OEE, OLE and other key insights directly from the dashboard – without the need for manual calculations.
  • Connect items like tools, machines and sensors to a network allowing real-time data collection on downtime, inventory, and job status.
  • Our standard implementation methodology ensures successful implementation with many major ERP systems.
  • As one of the leading IoT platform providers, we also provide a few other key benefits of like automation of tasks, increasing efficiency, and boosting productivity.

 MFGSuite Framework

MFGSuite Framework

Scalable loT framework based on proven open source & Pratiti proprietary technology components to quickly realize enterprise grade industry solutions

MFGSuite – Domain Specific Modules

Our Value Proposition

IoT MFGSuite Icn

It is ‘YOUR’ Solution

MFGSuite offers customizable modules to tailor it basis your specific requirements.

IoT MFGSuite Icn

Insights for all Stakeholders

Specific dashboards that provides niche insights for all stakeholders. These insights are an outcome of our 500+ years of combined manufacturing experts’ expertise.

IoT MFGSuite Icn


Configurable to support user-defined machining parameters and dashboards/reports quickly & efficiently.

IoT MFGSuite Icn

Easy Deployment

Easy connectivity and quick deployment with any process or discrete manufacturing asset with standard interfaces on cloud or on-premises.

IoT MFGSuite Icn

Revenue Impact

MFGSuite has a significant direct and indirect impact on your revenue by enabling process optimization, increasing overall efficiency, reducing downtime & failure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an index of billions of industrial devices-anything from machines in factories to engines on airplanes-full of sensors, connecting to wireless networks, and collecting and sharing data. The emergence of tiny low-cost sensors and high-bandwidth wireless networks now means that even the smallest devices can be connected, as long as they have a certain level of digital intelligence, they can be monitored and tracked, and their status data can be shared and shared with others. All this data can be collected and analysed to improve the efficiency of business processes. As one of the top Industrial IoT companies, we help industrial manufacturers IoTify their equipment quickly and efficiency with our industrial IoT platforms and industrial internet of things solutions.

What is the Industrial Internet of Things used for now?

The idea of using sensors to track goods or monitor machinery is not particularly new in itself. The difference of IIoT is that it is now possible to adopt IIoT on a large scale due to the low price of sensors, popular wireless network options, emergence of big data analysis and IoT manufacturers as well as industrial IoT consulting providers. But for most companies, it is still early days for IoT development or using Industrial IoT services. Some of the technologies involved are too expensive or complex to be adopted on a large scale, while others (such as 5G networks) are not yet ready.

What is the difference between IoT and IIoT?

Both IoT and IIoT connect physical objects to collect data. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to consumer devices connected to the Internet. These IoT devices include phones, fitness trackers, and even certain smart appliances. On the contrary, IIoT focuses on industrial applications. Connected machines and systems can provide large amounts of data. The goal is to improve business results. IIoT technology improves connectivity and efficiency and saves time as well as cost. These can include sensors or smart machines for data analysis.

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