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Pratiti Technologies Debuts on Clutch’s Platform with Stellar Custom Software Development Services

There are many companies and businesses that are looking for digital solutions for their problems each day. Of course, the new technology and advancements have yielded a lot of advantages when it comes to upgrading your processes, services, and products. Pratiti Technologies is a custom product development company that is here to help you find and develop the best solutions for your business.

Founded in 2015, our team has become one of the staples in India when it comes to outsourcing product development and digital solutions. We enable our clients’ digital transformation through our innovative services. We possess deep expertise in digital technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Data Science & Analytics, AR/VR as well as digital twin.


Today, we are looking to announce a new milestone for us as we receive our first ever Clutch review. An industrial software company partnered with us in order to outsource their end-to-end development for one of their core products. Our team mostly worked using the Microsoft development stand and a web framework that was provided by the client.

Our team handled every aspect of the project! From architecture, development, testing, packaging, and even the technical documentation, the Pratiti team was able to handle all of these with relative ease. As a matter of fact, this partnership started last October of 2019 and we are still their ongoing development partner for their project.

Looking at the partnership today, we were able to deliver 5 versions of the product and added countless features each time a new version was released. Our team also helped in a major update that was critical in the software’s overall functionality. As for the metric of success, our client mentioned that their customers have been renewing and expanding their license usage of the product due to its high-quality design and features.

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When asked about our services, the Director of the Industrial Software Development Company has this to say

“Pratiti’s company is the right size for us. There are much larger or much smaller companies that could’ve done this, but they’re in the sweet spot. They’re small enough that we could get the personal attention of their managing partners, but not so small as to have no maturity or capacity to scale up.“

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