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Powering IoT Applications with
Pragate IoT Gateway Device

Pragate – IoT Gateway Device

Industrial Grade, Multipurpose and Cross Industry Device

Pragate is an industrial grade, multi-purpose and cross industry IoT Gateway that provides data logging, edge computing and a simplified integration with cloud based IoT Platforms.

Pragate is an embedded data logging and edge computing device with ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit core processor and 256KB RAM. It hosts onboard analog and digital I/Os to configure it almost any industry use case. Device storage upto 8GB also helps to store data locally in case of loss of cloud connectivity for local data analysis. Pragate has inbuilt webserver to monitor device working and connectivity to cloud. Most unique feature of Paragate is configuration, deployment and support for any device (via MODBUS) through industry standard JSON file. No programming requirement to interface any MODBUS (RTU/TCP) based device. Its a simple configuration in the world of Paragate.

Key Features

  • Power Supply:

    • 12V DC
  • Analog Inputs: 

    • 3 inputs (5V, 60V and 300V DC)
    • 3 inputs (4-20 mA)
    • All inputs with 12/16 bit ADC resolution ( accuracy 0.1% FSR)
  • Digital Inputs:

    • All digital inputs are opto-isolated with operating range is 4-24V DC
    • 3 Pulse Input with frequency 0.1Hz to 1KHz
    • 1 Generic input to integrate external control/switch/process
  • Digital Outputs:

    • 4 Generic Output – Opto-isolated, Open collector sink type, up to 12V relay interface, upto 500mA for each channel.
    • 1 Relay Output full contact 5Amp
  • Controller:

    • ARM-Cortex-M4 controller
  • Communication:

    • Ethernet
      • 10/100 Mbps
    • RS-485

      • Half / Full Duplex configuration

      • Configurable Baud rate

      • Isolated interface

    • Cellular
      • Dual-band HSDPA/WCDMA and Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Environmental Conditions:

    • Temperature: -5 to 50°C
  • Data Storage:

    • 8 GB Micro SD Card

Cross Industry Usage

Solar / Wind Plant Monitoring

Cellular Tower Monitoring

Remote Industrial Logger

Manufacturing Plant Monitoring

Water Distribution Network Monitoring

Home Automation

Device Specifications

Parameters Specifications
I/O Interface 8 Optically Isolated DIOs, 6 Analog Inputs.
Storage Use a Micro SD card socket & Storage capacity max. 8 GB
Processor ARM Cortex M4
Power Input 0 – 12 VDC
Protocol TCP, Modbus RTU & TCP, MQTT
Communication Ethernet, RS485, Cellular (2G/3G)
Dimensions 157 mm X 70 mm
Operating Temperature -5 to 50oC

Application Scenario in a Solar Plant

In the current global environment health condition, maximum usage of renewable energy is the need of the hour. One handily Solar energy is leading this race with the help of Sensors, intelligent gateways like Pragate and IoT platforms.

Pragate comes with the capability of compatible with various types of sensors need at the solar plants to gather the data and to communicate with cloud-based IoT platform for the relevant data transfer.

Application Scenario in a Solar Plant

Application Scenario in a smart factory

The smart factory is the new frontier of manufacturing. Sensors and intelligent gateways like Pragate play important role in Responsive, adaptive, connected manufacturing. Pragate has the ability to adapt the manufacturing environment and continuously stay in touch with various types of manufacturing assets for data gathering, edge computing and integration with IoT Platforms.

Application Scenario in a smart factory

Why Pragate?

Case Study

Pragate – IoT Gateway Device

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