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Solar Power Plant Performance Analytics
Powered by Digital Twin Technology

APOLLO – Digital Twin Based Analytics Engine

“Your Data, Our Insights.”

Our APOLLO – Digital Twin based analytics engine solutions for the renewables energy sector & our expertise is on improving the solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant operations and performance via next-generation data analytics products. We are passionate and concerned about our planet Earth health and hence we believe renewable energy will be the saviour to the climate change and sustainable energy demands problems.

Our passion lies in solving complex business problems & improving system efficiency through a data driven approach. Through the solar energy monitoring & analytics software Apollo empowers digital twin technology revolution in renewable energy by helping businesses to benefit from valuable insights for decision making.

Our Offering- Apollo as SaaS

Best in data analytics & technical operations insights for solar assets owners. Integrates with all SCADA & remote monitoring systems.

Dr Venugopalan Premnath

Helios remote data monitoring system and their dashboard display have helped Venture Center communicate the impact of its solar farm real-time with all its stakeholders. It has not only helped communicate the financial savings, environmental impact and solar farm performance efficiency, but also convey the commitment of Venture Center to renewable energy and its proactive efforts to promote new ideas. The analytics and user-friendliness of the Helios system stands out and is very useful for tracking by managers at various levels.

Dr. V. Premnath, Director of NCL Innovations Park & Venture Center, Pune

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