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There are several different factors that determine the success or failure of a project including but not limited to Tools, Processes, Techniques and methodologies, Technologies and Project Planning. No matter how important these factors might be, the most important factor that determines the success of a project is the team of people responsible for project fulfilment. The agile approach has made us all realise that people must be prioritized before processes, and that products are merely tools and means for a project to achieve success. After all, it is people that declare the project successful.

How are you going to build high quality software if you don’t have a good team of developers and testers responsible for its design and maintenance? Without a good team, the project has every chance of failing. At Pratiti, we have ensured an agile mindset by building the organization around craftsmanship. We believe that empowered and self-organized craftsmen and craftswomen have the best chance of success in newer innovative areas. Pratiti’s business model is based on craftsmanship and we are a well-knit team of technology craftsmen.

Technology Consulting Engagements

Pratiti exercises multiple technology consulting engagements with our customers enabling them to leverage our people expertise in building new solutions and solving complex business problems.



We possess deep expertise in providing architecture, platform, solution and product management consultancy.

Build – Operate – Transfer

We help organizations next new capabilities using our well established and efficient recruitment & delivery model


Development Center

We possess in-depth expertise in setting up an Offshore Development Centre with a customized model of sharing responsibilities in delivery.


Staff Augmentation

We provide resources on contractual terms on varied innovative & niche skillsets to help you with seamless operations.

Key Pillars to Success


  • Culture
  • Capacity & Availability
  • Skills & Qualifications
  • Competency


  • Management Systems
  • Governance Frameworks
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Software Development Methodologies


  • Hardware & Infrastructure
  • Technology Stack
  • Digital Technologies

Pratiti Craftsmen

Guided by our core values, we have always focused on customer’s success as our success. Driven by the partnership mindset with our customers, Pratiti’s craftsmen differentiators are:

Nitin Tappe CEO & Co-Founder

Milind Barve CTO & Co-Founder

Prashant Anaskure COO & Co-Founder
Technology Craftsmen
Year’s Experience
Products Developed
Industrial Solutions Developed
Global Offices

Success Stories

Annette Ohlich – CEO – BlueCon IoT Solutions GmbH

Pratiti has shown the professionalism and the discipline in execution I required to develop our first product in a true agile approach. The team has displayed great commitment and always focused on addressing the needs of the project. The team leadership has been very empowering to the whole team and I think is the most profound USP for this company.

Annette Ohlich, CEO at BlueCon IoT Solutions GmbH
Dr Venugopalan Premnath

Helios remote data monitoring system and their dashboard display have helped Venture Center communicate the impact of its solar farm real-time with all its stakeholders. It has not only helped communicate the financial savings, environmental impact and solar farm performance efficiency, but also convey the commitment of Venture Center to renewable energy and its proactive efforts to promote new ideas. The analytics and user-friendliness of the Helios system stands out and is very useful for tracking by managers at various levels.

Dr. V. Premnath, Director of NCL Innovations Park & Venture Center, Pune

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