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Big Data Engineering and Data Science Solutions

There is clearly a need to redefine how organizations need to think of data management solutions for Analytics and Data Science. AI/ML needs to be engineered to scale, rapid experimentation needs to become the de-facto approach for making product and service design choices. As one of the leading data analytics solution providers in India, we help you to establish big data analytics solutions, practices and best data analytics platforms that set the stage for any AI or intelligent automation transformation.

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In today’s data-driven business world, companies and organizations rely heavily on data analysis to make fast and informed decisions. Retail Data analytics solutions leveraged from innovative data and analytics service providers like us can also help companies minimize risks and maximize profits. Data analytics has its own challenges as well, first you need to experience the latest tools and technologies used in the process first-hand. Then, you have to deal with privacy and data security issues. And, because data analytics is an ongoing process, you need a dedicated team to take care of this function. All these factors increase your cost and affect productivity. We help our clients adopt analytics ubiquitously to create value from data. We use our unique approach to create a framework to synchronize our analytical solutions with the strategic, tactical, and operational goals of your organization.

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Data & AI Capabilities

big data analytics solutions

Data Engineering

  • ETL
  • Data Lake – Databricks, Snowflakes
  • Data Streaming
  • Expertise – MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Spark
Data science

Data Science

  • Statistical Modelling
  • Semantic Analysis & Machine Learning (Deep Learning)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI)
  • Expertise – Python Scikit & TensorFlow, Google AI, AWS Sagemaker, Microsoft Azure
Data Visualization

Data Visualization

  • Visual Analysis
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Self-service Reporting
  • Expertise – Pentaho, PowerBI, Spagoli

Applications and Key Use Cases

Data Analytics Roadmap for your Organization

Descriptive Data Analytics Services

What is happening?
Get cffective data visualization.

Diagnostic Data Analytics Services

Why is it happening?
Get digital twin based automatic insights generation

Predictive Data Analytics Services

What is likely to happen?
Get Al/ML based models to predict asset health, asset failure or any specific outcome(s) using algorithms.

Prescriptive Data Analytics Services

What do I need to do?
Get advanced analytics to make specific recommendations-closed loop actionable insights.

Many companies have become industry leaders leveraging advanced data analytics and deriving meaningful insights from the large amount of data available at their disposal. Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Spotify are a few recent examples of players who made it big owing to their analytics capabilities

Applications and Key use cases Info

Analytics Accelerator – Analytics360

Pratiti has its own analytics accelerators to enable clients with a quick closed loop insights.

Augment Analytics Solutions With

IoT Consulting

IoT Design


IoT On Cloud

IoT Development & Testing

IoT Operations & Support


Serverless Solutions

What makes Pratiti one of the leading data analytics service providers in India?

Cloud Computinng2 IcnMultiple domain and business use cases understanding
Cloud Computinng2 IcnExpertise in hardware and software (immersive technologies & application development)
Cloud Computinng2 IcnExpertise in IoT, Data Science, Digital Twin, AI & ML
Cloud Computinng IcnIoT experience enablement through mobile apps and AR/VR
Cloud ComputingProprietary digital accelerators in the form of Analytics360, MFGSuite & Anuva

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Data Analytics Services?

Data Analytics services are a frameworks solution of various organizational data points which can be leveraged to create actionable business decisions. As one of the leading data analytics service providers in India, we aim to deliver Data-driven insights to help companies make informed business decisions in order to minimize risks and maximize profits.

What can Analytics Do for My Company?

Data analysis may assist businesses in better understanding their clients, evaluating their advertising efforts, personalizing content, developing content strategies, and developing new goods. Finally, firms may employ data analytics to improve their bottom line and boost their performances. We have been one of the best data analytics companies in India in helping local and global customers derive closed loop insights to improve productivity and overall efficiency.

When is the Right Time to Deploy a Data Analytics Strategy?

Any business, after identifying their services and offerings, should employ a data analytics strategy as soon as possible. It is important to glean insights from different segments that you are catering to and make appropriate business decisions like evaluating and updating product parameters.

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