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Steve Bashada

Stephen Bashada

Bashada Software Consulting

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Sujit Chakrabarty

Sujit Chakrabarty


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Nitin Tappe
Co-founder & CEO,

Pratiti Technologies

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Prashant Anaskure
Cofounder & COO

Pratiti Technologies

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With the pragmatic shift in consumption of outsourced IT Services scaling up the operations to meet the increased demand has become the need of the hour in this pandemic.

However, such scale should not be coming at losing sight of metrics that make IT Services in India such a beautiful proposition. Pivoting leadership styles and effectively delivering software products in a whole new paradigm, with a fully remote, WFH team has become very important to maintain your edge in the market.

As outsourcing becomes the norm in software engineering, the core focus has now shifted towards building long-term productive relationships with outsourced partners. You can ensure success of your outsourced projects if you start leveraging your software engineering vendor as a strategic partner. This can be done when you start looking beyond cost savings and extract maximum value from your software engineering partner in the form of technology innovation, speed to market, and flexibility.

Join us in a spirited and lively discussion with industry veterans who have been in the IT ecosystem for a combined 100+ years and has seen the IT industry and different engagement models evolve, more so during the pandemic.

Key Highlights

  • Discuss what organizations and start-ups need to do to pivot their product strategy, product roadmap, and marketing and sales strategy to quickly respond to the need of the hour
  • Address how to pivot leadership styles and effectively deliver software products in a whole new paradigm, with a fully remote, WFH team
  • Discuss advantages of outsourcing and unique engagement models. Address how OPD model could be used as a strategic option instead of just RA
  • Discuss how Pratiti helped overcome similar challenges and way forward in the post pandemic era for tech start-ups and enterprises as well as industrial customers

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