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Outsourced Product Development (OPD)
To Realize Innovation Driven Digital Transformation

Pratiti Technologies is a unique offshore software product development focusing on SMAC(Social, Mobility, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing) and IoT driven digital transformation. We help customers realize their innovations through our deep technical expertise and agile development approach.

Being world-leading Outsourced Product Development (OPD) player, we get engaged with enterprises right at the concept level and partner with them till product launch. When you choose our outsource software development in India, apart from providing you with regular expertise in the development, testing, and more, we also help you stay alongside all the latest technological developments.


Providing expertise in technologies & architectures which drives digital transformation.


Processes bind technologies and Services to build world class products.

Product Definition




Technology solutions to accelerate Digital Transformation

Exploring Outsourced Product Development

Opportunities Across Industries

Our deep-domain expertise help businesses build industry-aligned solutions to achieve faster time-to-market and improved digital experience

End to End Product Development Services

Pratiti services are built on unique blend of technology expertise and process excellence. We offer end to end services to productize an innovation – right from design (UX/UI), Product Development to Application Maintenance.

Product Engineering

Cloud Operations

Digital Experience

Build your Digital Solution with us

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