Embrace DevOps to Enable More Frequent and
Successful Deployments of New Functionalities


Automated continuous feature delivery pipeline enables significantly lower time to market, faster feature availability at a lower cost. DevOps ensures faster release while ensuring the quality of the software product.

At Pratiti, we use DevOps to enable

Continuous Integration

• Ensure that the source code is frequently integrated
• Code quality is up to the mark
• Basic functionality is working

Continuous Delivery

• No human interventions after software is released
• The automation testing ensures that there are no regressions to existing functionality

Continuous Deployment

• Enabling automatic deployment of software at production servers
• Validation
• Fixing or rollback if required

Services & Tools

Product New_Startup

DevOps roadmap, strategy and assessment


Automated software release management


Performance Engineering



Other Processes


Ensuring that we not only build the product right but also the right product and quickly too! The annual “State of Agile” survey highlights that of the companies that have adopted Agile, a vast majority (64%) have done so because of the ability to manage to change priorities.

Product Definition

Product definition is vital for the success of any product. A well-defined product definition ensures that all stakeholders are brought on the same page with respect to the product requirements, features, and manifestation.

Shift to Continuous Delivery with Comprehensive DevOps Services

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