Embrace DevOps to Enabled More Frequent and
Successful Deployments of New Functionalities


Automated continuous feature delivery pipeline enables significantly lower time to market, faster feature availability at lower cost.

An IT survey has mentioned that High-performing IT organizations deploy 200 times more frequently than low performers, with 2,555 times faster lead times. These companies have also achieved 20+ times faster recovery time and significantly lower failure rates.

DevOps the de-facto

Software Development, the Agile world, promotes frequent releases of products and fail-fast approach. The Software users demand quality product with minimum disruption to the ongoing work. They discourage frequent deployments. This delays the deployment of new features and customers may lose competitive advantage. This delay also results in late feedback in the development cycle and causes severe rework. It also causes disruption in the new feature development schedule. DevOps brings together these two worlds and helps to minimize the problems through following.

Continuous Integration

The product development processes ensure that the source code is frequently integrated, code quality is up to the mark and basic functionality is working.

Continuous Delivery

This ensures that there are no human interventions when software is released. The automation of testing ensures that there are no regressions to existing functionality.

Continuous Deployment

This enables automatic deployment of software at production servers, validation, and fixing or rollback if required.

Customers gain a competitive advantage by launching new features faster (multiple deployments, daily). Also, it has reduced the development and rework cost.

Services & Tools

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DevOps roadmap, strategy and assessment


Automated software release management


Performance Engineering



Other Processes


Ensuring that we not only build the product right but also the right product and quickly too! The annual “State of Agile” survey highlights that of the companies that have adopted Agile, a vast majority (64%) have done so because of the ability to manage to change priorities.

Product Definition

Development of any new tech product begins with the Product definition processes. It is a continues process which involves in the intersection of new technology capabilities to perceived market opportunities. Nowadays, start-ups are in the race to accomplish quick time to market, alternate routes are regularly taken with the Product definition phase.

We believe Product definition is the base of new product development processes. Our approach while defining the product with Start-ups is of ‘Wh’ types of questions like Who is your customer and what problem your customer is facing? How will our product solve the customers’ problems? What’s most essential to the customers in buying decision? What benefits our product offer over competitor’s products offering?

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