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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as the key technology enabler for Digital Transformation and proved to be growth drivers for business across industries. Hence, you can see a rise in the IoT solution providers in India.

Machines, Game Consoles, Kitchen appliances—many of the devices we use for work or pleasure already communicate with each other via the Internet. Things have evolved rapidly with the help of IoT solution providers in India in recent years and continue to change how we interact with our surroundings.

The steady fall in prices of sensors and communications technologies, combined with a parallel rise in understanding of how they can be applied, have raised the application of IoT technologies and also the IoT development services in India. IoT solution providers in India have moved to the operational phase and already started delivering values in industries ranging from Healthcare to manufacturing. Thus, today you will come across several IoT development services in India.

We at Pratiti, provide the best IoT development services in India. We feel that some focused conversations between a tech expert (like us) and industry experts like you will help a lot in driving the solutions that can meet real-world needs, the outcomes you are looking for.

Our 4 Pillars of Building an IoT Ecosystem


Sensors & Actuators

Accurate data measurement at a great energy efficiency


Edge & Gateways

Handling data on different volume, velocity & variety scale


Cloud & Analytics

Storing, processing & analysing data to generate Insights



Building great experience through Web, mobility & AR/VR

Industry Expertise

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Remote Monitoring

Realtime monitoring of Industrial Machinery , Operations & energy consumption.

Digital Connected Factory

Digitally connected factories enables visibility and transparency of information throughout the value chain which leads to dynamic scheduling and advanced process control.

Predictive Maintenance

Data collected from industrial machinery is analysed and used for predicting future maintenance.

iot solution providers in india


Remote Monitoring

Realtime monitoring of renewable energy generation for alerts and faults.

Digital Twin

Digital twin of energy sources like Solar helps to identify insights for improving operational efficiencies.

Device Health Analysis

Key operational and performance KPI data collected over longer period is analysed for health of devices.

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Remote Health Monitoring

Connecting health devices (wearable and non-wearables) and automatic data collection at clinics, hospitals and at home.

Virtual Encounters

Enabling virtual encounters with healthcare professional for remote diagnostic and tele-medicine.

Pratiti’s IoT capabilities have been helping us to upgrade our device communication capabilities and user experience through their cloud and mobile application development. I sincerely appreciate their commendable job and commitment, that was critical to take our product innovation

- Frank Schulz, Executive Director Terratest GmbH

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