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We provide business value by integrating the value chain and closely integrating design and engineering, manufacturing and operations systems with industry-leading processes, software, and analysis capabilities, managed IT services for manufacturing. The result is an integrated technology stack that ensures a seamless, consistent, correct and complete data flow from product design, it services manufacturin  and engineering design to manufacturing and beyond.

Today manufacturers face challenges to deliver complex, personalized, IT services for manufacturing in India and connected products rapidly. PLM, MOM and SLM technologies are gearing up and getting integrated to build maturity in driving Industry 4.0. From R&D and manufacturing, through distribution and after-sales support, holistic product data is changing how products are built, sold and cared for.

Industry 4.0 has raised the discussion about the digitalization of industry to a new level. Both Product and Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) are essential when the consistent digitalization of value creation becomes a prerequisite for further development. Also, the gradual integration of the operational technology (OT) of the plant and the Information technology (IT) is redefining monolithic MOM/MES systems into a new paradigm of IIoT apps. Technology enablers such as digital twin, IIoT, cloud computing, edge computing, AR/VR, analytics provide huge promise to business transformation in the Manufacturing sector.

Revolutionizing with Pratiti’s IT Services

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity for staying competitive and driving growth. Pratiti, a leading provider of IT services, understands the unique challenges faced by manufacturers and offers tailor-made solutions to optimize their operations. With a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies, Pratiti empowers manufacturers to harness the power of technology and data to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here explores the comprehensive range of managed IT services for manufacturing offered by Pratiti, designed to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape.

The Need for Manufacturing IT Services

As the manufacturing industry embraces Industry 4.0 and smart technologies, the demand for specialized IT services becomes increasingly evident. Manufacturers face complex challenges, including process optimization, supply chain integration, data management, and quality control. Pratiti’s IT services for manufacturin bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing processes and digital advancements, providing a seamless digital transformation experience for businesses of all sizes.

Key Benefits of Pratiti’s Manufacturing IT Services

  • Customized Solutions for Specific Needs: Pratiti understands that every manufacturing facility has unique requirements. Their team of expert consultants works closely with clients to identify pain points, opportunities for improvement, and long-term goals. 
  • Seamless Supply Chain Management: Pratiti’s managed IT services for manufacturing  facilitate seamless integration across the supply chain, fostering collaboration among suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. 
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Among IoT manufacturing companies, with Pratiti’s IT services for manufacturing, manufacturers can optimize production processes, reduce manual errors, and automate repetitive tasks. Real-time monitoring and data-driven insights enable businesses to make informed decisions, minimize downtime, and ensure timely deliveries.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging advanced data analytics, Pratiti helps manufacturers transform raw data into actionable insights. 

Pratiti’s IT Services Manufacturing Portfolio

Among IT device manufacturing companies, Pratiti’s IT services manufacturing play a pivotal role in empowering manufacturers to thrive in the digital era. With their customized solutions, data-driven insights, and expertise in ERP, MES, IoT, and cybersecurity, Pratiti revolutionizes the manufacturing landscape.

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Enterprise Solutions:

Among IT service companies in India, Pratiti specializes in implementing Enterprise systems specifically designed for the manufacturing industry.


MES Integration:

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provided by Pratiti optimize production processes by offering real-time visibility into shop floor operations.

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Data Analytics and BI:

Leveraging advanced data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) tools, Pratiti helps manufacturers make data-backed decisions and derive meaningful insights from their data.

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IoT Integration:

Pratiti empowers manufacturers to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and gain real-time insights into their equipment and devices.

Our Proven Managed IT Services For Manufacturing

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Our Expertise – Trending Use Cases in Manufacturing

Plant Benchmarking

Real-time Visibility

Increasing OEE

Workforce Productivity

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Why Pratiti?

Domain Leadership

25+ years of Co-founders team’s experience in software product engineering & digital transformation. Flexibility in engagement models suited to best meet your requirements.

Innovations DNA

Excellent track record of delivering software solutions in a timely manner often ahead of schedule by collaborating effectively and efficiently with our customers and partners.

Execution Framework

Robust framework with proven and well defined internal processes for Agile, DevOps, Product Definition to build next generation digital products.

Pratiti’s Manufacturing Accelerators

Digital Use Cases Expertise Across Departments

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Level one:
Sensors and actuators – connecting what should be connected
Level two:
Systems and internal services – monitor and manage
Level three:
Connectivity – connect for new applications and capabilities
Level four:
New services and ecosystems – transformation

Making Your Value Chain Smarter

Discrete Industries

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Process Industries

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Digital Solutions Ecosystem

Cloud Computing

Edge Computing


Data Science & Analytics


Digital Twin

IIoT – MFGSuite

Edge – PraEdge

Analytics – Analytics360

AR/VR – Anuva

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Frequently Ask Questions

A.How to choose a Managed IT Services For Manufacturing?

When choosing Managed IT Services for manufacturing, focus on providers with industry experience and a deep understanding of the specific IT challenges in the manufacturing sector. Prioritize scalability to accommodate your company’s growth, and ensure they offer robust cybersecurity solutions to safeguard sensitive data and protect against cyber threats. Look for 24/7 support and a proactive approach to IT maintenance to minimize downtime and disruptions in your production processes. Additionally, verify their expertise in managing complex manufacturing systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), to optimize operational efficiency. A reliable Managed IT Services provider should align with your business objectives and provide tailored solutions to enhance productivity and streamline IT operations in the manufacturing environment.

B.How Managed IT Services Benefit You for manufacturing?

Managed IT Services offer significant benefits for manufacturing companies, including enhanced productivity, proactive IT support, scalable solutions, robust cybersecurity, efficient IT cost management, and access to expert IT knowledge. These services ensure smooth and uninterrupted manufacturing operations by maintaining and optimizing technology infrastructure, allowing manufacturers to focus on core production tasks while leaving IT management to the experts. With 24/7 monitoring and support, manufacturing businesses can minimize downtime, improve cybersecurity measures, and scale their IT resources to meet the evolving demands of their industry, all while controlling IT expenses effectively.

C.Are small and medium-sized industrial companies a good fit for managed IT services?

Yes, small and medium-sized industrial companies can be an excellent fit for managed IT services. These companies often face resource constraints and may not have the budget or expertise to maintain an in-house IT department. Managed IT services provide them with access to a team of skilled professionals who can proactively monitor and manage their IT infrastructure, handle cybersecurity measures, provide technical support, and ensure smooth operations. This allows the industrial companies to focus on their core business functions while benefiting from cost-effective and scalable IT solutions tailored to their specific needs, ultimately boosting efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance.

D.What types of IT services are included in Managed IT Services for manufacturing?

Managed IT services for manufacturing encompass a wide range of crucial IT solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry. These services typically include proactive network monitoring and management, hardware and software support, data backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity solutions to protect sensitive data and intellectual property, cloud services for efficient data storage and collaboration, integration of industrial automation systems, IoT (Internet of Things) implementation for smart manufacturing processes, and overall IT consulting and strategic planning to optimize IT infrastructure and operations. By leveraging these comprehensive IT services, manufacturing companies can enhance their operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and ensure a secure and technologically advanced environment.

E.What is included in managed IT services for manufacturing?

Managed IT services for manufacturing encompass a comprehensive suite of specialized IT solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of the industry. These services typically include proactive network monitoring and management, hardware and software support, data backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information and intellectual property, cloud services for efficient data storage and collaboration, integration of industrial automation systems, IoT (Internet of Things) implementation for optimizing manufacturing processes, and IT consulting and strategic planning to ensure a robust and future-proof IT infrastructure. By leveraging these tailored IT services, manufacturing companies can enhance their operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and maintain a secure and technologically advanced environment to support their core business processes effectively.

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