Digital Transformation in Energy Industry

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Digital transformation in energy and utilities sector is embracing emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Data Science and Analytics, Digital Twin, Renewable Energy software and Cloud Computing. The digital transformation in renewable energy revolution involves these advances to build smart grids, manage renewable energy with the help of renewable energy software and distributed generation. Smart utilities, smart energy management, smart power plants, smart factories – energy management software solutions are revolutionizing the energy and utilities sector.

The energy industry can feel the disruptive changes in its digital transformation in energy industry initiatives. Expanded utilization of renewables, versatility issues, and sustainability concerns are only a couple of the drivers behind the businesses that must change – and digitization is the single greatest empowering agent of that change. The digital age has not only brought us a ‘digital twin’ version of the physical power plant that monitors every asset, but it is also capable of generating insights to improve operational performance from a service and maintenance perspective with the help of renewable energy software.

Digital transformation energy software is driving power companies and enabling them to become more agile at managing production and supply better, resulting in improvements in both distribution and management, and of course end-user consumption as a result. The ability to develop plans based on real-time data analytics is helping energy companies to build competitive advantage.

Your enterprise needs to respond to shifts in user preferences, comply with regulations, and mitigate risks of unforeseen events today to stay relevant and sustainable tomorrow. An energy management system software helps you deliver a superior customer experience and future-proof your business model. We have extensive experience working with leading utilities and energy customers in building cost-effective solutions across enterprise applications, asset management, operations & maintenance, plant configurator, remote operations center and portfolio management to name a few.

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Our Expertise

Asset Monitoring & Management

By analyzing data from IoT sensors combined with trade-off analytics, software solutions can predict when assets are likely to fail and recommend maintenance schedules to optimize asset performance, improving the overall reliability of critical assets.

Performance Intelligence

Performance Intelligence provides greater operational agility and resilience for industries by connecting the power of information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight. Gain real time insights into the performance of your critical assets and your power plants.

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced hyperlocal forecasting techniques can be used to predict bad weather, damage it will cause, enable optimum positioning of resources & supply chain inventory before the actual event happens.

Smart meters, smart grid

Smart meters are a requirement for the advanced credit and collections algorithms that can identify which customers will need help to avoid default. Smart grids are more efficient and less capital intense, allowing for predictive maintenance and better asset health.

Distributed Generation

Utilities are also entering into maintenance contracts that provide distributed facilities with improved service based on data analysis. By doing so, customer proximity, technological competence, and digital capabilities can become a powerful competitive advantage.

Why Pratiti?

Domain Leadership

Deep expertise in Renewable Energy – especially Solar Patented solar digital twin technology, Readily available 450+ Key Performance and Key Health Indicators and 150+ Key Insights.

Innovations DNA

Excellent track record of delivering software solutions in a timely manner often ahead of schedule by collaborating effectively and efficiently with our customers and partners.

Execution Framework

Robust framework with proven and well defined internal processes for Agile, DevOps, Product Definition to build next generation digital products.

Our Energy Accelerators

Apollo – Performance Intelligence & Health Analytics accelerator

  • Our Apollo accelerator is specifically designed to generate actionable closed loop insights for the energy industry.
  • Apollo is powered by patented digital twin technology, proven ML models, IoT based KPIs and discovery, advanced decision – making engine and closed loop insights.
  • Apollo offers a combined 450+ Key Indicators & 150+ Key Insights into performance and health of your critical assets.
  • Apollo accelerator offers insights into performance and health of critical assets in the power plants such as transformers, combiner boxes, inverters, strings, and other components

PraEdge – Edge Analytics accelerator

  • Pratiti’s PraEdge system modules enable edge accelerator to capture required data from various field devices.
  • PraEdge is easy to use & quickly configurable which reduces customer onboarding time.
  • It is lightweight and easy to install edge system on-premises/cloud.
  • It further has the ability to communicate with field devices and RMS/SCADA systems using industry standard protocols such as Modbus TCP and OPC UA, among others.
  • Benefits of PraEdge include maximum privacy & security, enables proactive use cases, lowers bandwidth & latency issues, reduces hosting costs and triggers real time insights.

Digital Transformation in Energy Industry

Cloud Computing

Edge Computing


Data Science & Analytics


Digital Twin

IIoT – MFGSuite

Edge – PraEdge

Analytics – Analytics360

AR/VR – Anuva

Digital Product Development Services

We provide digital transformation consulting and innovations services to helps companies adopt and implement digital technologies to create unique value proposition for customers and drive innovation and growth.

New Product Development
We leverage UX led engineering to develop new platforms, new applications and transform the existing ones with a faster time to market. We cover the entire spectrum of engineering from consulting, UI/UX design, architecture, development and testing.

Product Support
We architect user journeys and convert ideas into proof of concepts. We create highly intuitive and elegant interfaces across multiple channels to deliver superior customer experience.

Staff Augmentation
We can set up an Innovations lab for you or provide skilled resources. We offer flexibleengagement models to our clients by providing them with Software Development, DevOps, QA Automation resources for their digital projects.

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