Improving Health Outcomes With
Digital Technologies


Digital transformation in the Healthcare is driving availability of affordable care solutions, improving patient care, reducing complexity, improving efficiency and empowering healthcare decision makers with actionable insight at the point of care.

There exists significant value creation potential of technology-based and enabled innovations in Healthcare industry. Major technological advances like interoperability, advanced analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) will enhance the entire health care service-delivery chain from diagnosis to post-care while improving the relationship between patients, caregivers and other leveraged partners. Therefore, healthcare software development companies in India are gaining more and more significance with each day.

Over next few years, a “digital thread” will unleash a seamless flow of data ranging from health care records and systems to patients interacting with care teams at any time and from anywhere.

Our Expertise

healthcare software development company in india

Healthcare Platform

EHR (Clinics/Hospitals)

Practice Management, Electronic Management of Records and Financial Management

Chronic Disease Management

Detecting, Monitoring, Analysing and Managing chronic diseases through Clinical Decision Support Systems.

Home Care

Managing pre and post clinic/hospital interventions.

healthcare software development india

Healthcare Apps

Care Providers

Appointment Scheduler, Care plan generator.

Preventive Healthcare

Chronic disease management, Health monitoring at home.

Wellness & Fitness

Health and fitness coaching, community engagement

healthcare software companies in india

Internet of Things

Remote Monitoring of Patients

Remote monitoring of patient’s health statistics. Video and Audio streaming. HIPAA-compliant authorization processes and data exchange.

Connected medical devices

Data collection from home health devices over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) & real-time data analysis. Remote device configuration & tuning.

Case Study

Digital Health Management Platform for Redefining Domestic Recovery and Ambient Assistance


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