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Only through the perfect combination of technological innovation and process conversion can the cost of treatment be improved while improving patient care. Being one of the best cloud computing healthcare it services companies, we work with industry leaders to promote transformation plans, covering areas such as patient participation, care delivery, clinical trials, operations, and equipment and diagnostic development.

Managed IT Services For Healthcare is driving availability of affordable care solutions, improving patient care, reducing complexity, improving efficiency and empowering healthcare decision makers with actionable insight at the point of care. We take pride in being one such unique custom healthcare software development services company continually striving towards fulfilling your digital transformation goals.

There exists a significant potential to add value to the technology-based and enabled innovations in the Healthcare industry. Major technological advances like interoperability, advanced analytics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will enhance the entire healthcare it consulting service’s delivery chain from diagnosis to post-care while improving the relationship between patients, caregivers, and other leveraged partners. It is this very reason that is driving the advent of the latest digital technologies, especially the Internet of Things (IoT) being coupled by analytics or cloud computing by innovative healthcare software development companies.

The healthcare industry, across the globe, is undergoing a digital transformation and over the next few years, a ‘digital thread’ will unleash a seamless flow of data ranging from IoT-based Healthcare records and systems to patients interacting with care teams at any time and from anywhere. Pratiti Technologies, through its innovative IoT solutions, has become a preferred healthcare app development company in India. With our dynamic custom healthcare software solutions, what has made us stand out from a plethora of Healthcare IT software companies in India is our zeal for innovation coupled with our technical expertise, advanced analytics, and a global talent pool.

Medical or healthcare apps are undoubtedly growing fast. We are one of the best healthcare cloud computing companies in India. With our expertise, you can create an advanced app that enables you to manage and analyse the hospital and patient records efficiently and effectively. We offer a range of unique and cost-effective mobile app solutions that includes various innovative benefits for all your requirements.

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Our Expertise

Healthcare Systems
Enable an integrated system of medical systems and applications to capture data that helps break silos, increases operational visibility, and provides forproactive monitoring.
Healthcare Apps
Remote Monitoring devices (e.g. glucose monitors, health tools and other sensors) are either not connected, or where they are large amounts of unprocessed data from such devices would need to be stored on a 3rd party cloud.
Data Science / AI
Detect and analyze patterns across data in real-time to identify health conditions, potential treatment methods, and their outcomes-and take life-saving decisions at speed.
Telehealth/ mHealth
Engage with customers efficiently and allow patients to avail on-the-go consultations. Build an app for the effective allocation of clinical resources, strong data encryption, and real-time patient engagement.
Internet of Things
Establish cross-device connectivity across the medical ecosystem and enable data exchange for helping professionals deliver proactive care. Combine the power of analytics, automation, and intelligence to spark transformation.
Build and superimpose a 3D model of the patient's anatomy on the patient's body to perform surgeries with higher levels of precision and efficiency.

Why Pratiti?

Domain Leadership

  • Knowledge of regulatory compliances (eg HIPAA, CCHIT, etc.)
  • Awareness of healthcare standards (e.g. ICD-10, XDS/XDS-I,HL7, etc.)
  • Integrated, outcome based & patient centric solutions

Innovations DNA

Excellent track record of delivering software solutions in a timely manner often ahead of schedule by collaborating effectively and efficiently with our customers and partners.

Execution Framework

Robust framework with proven and well defined internal processes for Agile, DevOps, Product Definition to build next generation digital products.

Digital Accelerator: PraXchange – Data Exchange Accelerator

PraXchange is Pratiti’s Data exchange accelerator to facilitate data exchange between wellness systems and EHR systems to easily manage daily operations of a practice/clinic.

Includes multiple options for integration with different stakeholders such as drug database, drug formulary database, drug interaction database, pharmacy and labs integration.

Accelerator is HL7, HIPAA and other industry standard compliant.

Devised to ensure tight integration & interoperability between two or more healthcare systems such as EHR, EMR, HIS, etc.

Managed IT Services For Healthcare

Cloud Computing

Edge Computing


Data Science & Analytics


Digital Twin

lot Accelerator – MFGSuite

Edge Computing Accelerator – PraEdge

AR/VR Accelerator – Anuva

Analytics – Analytics360

Healthcare Product Development Services

We provide digital transformation consulting and innovations services to helps companies adopt and implement digital technologies to create unique value proposition for customers and drive innovation and growth.

New Product Development
We leverage UX led engineering to develop new platforms, new applications and transform the existing ones with a faster time to market. We cover the entire spectrum of engineering from consulting, UI/UX design, architecture, development and testing.
Product Support
We architect user journeys and convert ideas into proof of concepts. We create highly intuitive and elegant interfaces across multiple channels to deliver superior customer experience.

Staff Augmentation
We can set up an Innovations lab for you or provide skilled resources. We offer flexibleengagement models to our clients by providing them with Software Development, DevOps, QA Automation resources for their digital projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Partner with an Innovative Healthcare Software Development Services Like Us?

At Pratiti Technologies, we are working towards transforming the Healthcare sector. As one of the expert healthcare software companies, we possess rich expertise in providing customized healthcare application development services that lead to customized yet simplified user experiences. We understand, the purpose of moving towards digital health is to bridge the gap between physical distance and real‐world competence of healthcare through interactive and financially viable ways.

Can Pratiti Help Minimize the Risk of Low Software Adoption?

By creating intuitive, transforming UX and user centric UI, designing a customizable software architecture, ensuring integrated functions, providing tools for seamless data migration and leveraging our expertise as a renowned healthcare application development company, we increase the chance of high adoption rates through our advanced healthcare software development solutions capabilities.

How Does Pratiti Ensure Software Security and HIPAA Compliance?

As a standard healthcare software development services practice, we design secure software architectures, test compliance with HIPAA requirements and conduct security testing for all the major and minor development for all our healthcare projects. We also implement the highest levels of quality and security assurance throughout the development of healthcare software and we follow best practices that comply with HIPAA standards.

How Can Agile Improve Software Development in Healthcare?

Agile is widely adopted by many industries because of the benefits it provides. Software development healthcare needs Agile and DevOps for efficient and quality software. Agile Healthcare Software Development provides the Healthcare Industry several key benefits, such as higher employee engagement, reduction in risks, faster ROI, more agility, improved performance transparency, and enhanced customer-centricity.

How Do I Choose a Software Development Company for a Healthcare App?

You need to ensure that your application stays relevant with time while selecting a healthcare app development services provider. An experienced healthcare service provider can help you minimize the number of errors and quickly implement the MVP version. Consider going through the service provider’s portfolio/success stories/testimonials/capabilities to understand their overall competencies. Healthcare app development company with rich technology expertise like Pratiti Tech always strive to provide quality solutions and services leveraging latest technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, analytics, etc.

On Which Platform Should I Develop My Healthcare App?

To build a secure, practical healthcare mobile application, one needs a suitable app development platform. The platform should be usable and compatible enough with the latest technologies. Custom healthcare software development services providers like Pratiti Tech consider various factors such as budget, application advancement, user base, integration, etc. Additionally, low coding and cross-functional platforms help in speeding up of application improvement.

What are the Main Advantages of Using Healthcare Applications?

Healthcare software solutions, services and healthcare mobile app development company like us provides applications such as Electronic Health Records / Electronic Medical Records, health-smart wearables, etc. to enable faster and easier access to patient’s health data allowing more comprehensive and timely medical decisions. Virtual healthcare services provide remote patient monitoring, easy doctor-patient communication and cost-effectiveness, not only for medical service providers but also for the end service users.

How Could Software Improve Healthcare?

Today, we are witnessing a great transition towards better healthcare by digitizing and adopting powerful health software development systems, custom healthcare solutions and apps aimed to simplify the most common operations. The EHR/EMR systems, Healthcare apps, IoT based remote monitoring of patients reduces paperwork, improves storage issues, care coordination and increases the overall quality of services provided to the patients/end users through a streamlined workflow.

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