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APOLLO is our solar energy analytics solution built using our patented digital twin technology to improve the solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant operations and performance via next generation solar data analytics products. We are passionate and concerned about our planet Earth health and hence we believe renewable energy will be the savior to the climate change and sustainable energy demands problems.

Our passion lies in solving complex business problems & improving system efficiency through a data driven approach. Through our solar energy analytics solution, we continue to empower digital twin technology revolution in the renewable energy sector by helping businesses to benefit from solar data analytics using various key health indicators and key performance indicators as well as valuable insights for decision making.

Apollo Energy Analytics

Our Offering – Apollo as Energy Analytics Solution

Optimise solar assets & portfolio, streamline O&M, benchmark asset’s performance, increase yield & improve your plant’s performance using Apollo.

APOLLO is a Digital Twin-based analytics engine that serves the renewables energy sector on improving the solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant procedures and performance. Real-time updates on external weather conditions and failure warnings in the system made digitally, enable better-informed conclusions on whether the pre-set benchmarks can be reached or if adjustments are required. The solution integrates with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to deliver features such as benchmarking, root cause analysis for failures, intra-day power prediction, and performance forecasting to name a few.

Essentially, digital twin is a technology that creates virtual representations of the physical world and its many relationships. All components of the system are connected into one chain. IIoT sensors collect the dynamics and send them to the data lake. It affects every aspect of the entire production line, from machine and plant controllers to real-world environments. We have a patented digital twin technology and specialize in multiple digital twin IoT platforms including but not limited to Microsoft azure IoT digital twin platform, Amazon Sumerian and AWS IoT Core digital twin platform.

Digital twin for Solar Plants is beneficial in the following ways :

  • Performance improvements: They provide analysis of virtual replica to help solar companies find faulty areas. As a result, they help improve production processes and establish efficient and effective supply and delivery chains. Reducing downtime is one of the common requirements for solar digital twins.

  • Resource lifetime: They help increase the reliability of energy assets, vehicles, production lines, and other resources. Predicting maintenance issues before breakdowns occur helps to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Tracking system: They help track where energy assets are located within a given space in a precise manner.

  • Planning: They offer a representation of occupancy levels of a given plant, and over time, provide valuable insights into the best ways to configure building, supply processes, and workflows.

  • Risk management: Assessments of different conditions help provide a risk prognosis in various areas, including product creation, logistics, marketplace reputation, and maintenance of the plant and its assets.

  • Product management: The process of product development and continual improvement is empowered by digital twins. The insights provided help improve product quality and enhance performance of the plants and its assets.

We have proven that leveraging integrated digital twin software platform solutions can help firms, enterprises, and industries grow faster and operate smarter. To know more about how our patented digital twin technology can help your organization, contact us today.

Dr Venugopalan Premnath

Helios remote data monitoring system and their dashboard display have helped Venture Center communicate the impact of its solar farm real-time with all its stakeholders. It has not only helped communicate the financial savings, environmental impact and solar farm performance efficiency, but also convey the commitment of Venture Center to renewable energy and its proactive efforts to promote new ideas. The analytics and user-friendliness of the Helios system stands out and is very useful for tracking by managers at various levels.

Dr. V. Premnath, Director of NCL Innovations Park & Venture Center, Pune

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